Snow plow nearly runs over Minnesota Vikings players (GIF)

Dec 8, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; Grounds crew members plow the field prior to the game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Baltimore Ravens at MT&T Bank Field – Property USA TODAY SPORTS

A handful of teams are playing their Week 14 games in blizzard conditions. That list includes the Minnesota Vikings and Baltimore Ravens, who are in the midst of an epic snow slugfest.

The weather is so bad in fact that every time there is a momentary break in action, not only are members of the ground crew coming out with blowers to clean up the lines but they’re also sending out two snow plows to clean off the hash-marks.

Apparently though, nobody told the Minnesota Vikings as they were beginning to form their huddle when a plow came their way.

The Ravens, who were in their own huddle on the other side of the field saw the vehicle coming their way and quickly stepped aside, but the Vikings had to had to be warned by the referee to get out of the way before they became roadkill.

As hard as the snow was falling, good thing the driver could see the players in front of him. Next time they may want to wear some blinkers or reflectors.

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