NFL Week 15 power rankings: Monday morning ranks

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Dec 8, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; General view of the footballs on the ground before the game between the Tennessee Titans and the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Week 14 of the NFL regular season is almost in the books, but we have one big game remaining. Two teams who are looking to keep pace in their divisional races — the Chicago Bears and Dallas Cowboys — are set to finish off the week in impressive fashion, with an exciting NFC match up on Monday Night Football.

Since most of the games from Week 14 are in the books, we have a good idea of how the NFL landscape looks and we can take a look around the league to see where each team stacks up.

With just three games to go in the regular season and the playoff races heating up, let’s take a look at the current NFL power rankings heading in to tonight’s big game:

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  • rich

    are you guys on drugs putting thr saints ahead of the seahawks? 34-7 mean anything geez!

  • finagle69

    I’m a Saints fan…. and there is NO WAY I’d put them above the Hawks at this point.

    • bj walthall

      ha you must be a bandwagon fan then. Do you really think seahawks can beat the saints at home?

      • finagle69

        lol. Born and raised in LA. I’m an Aint’s fan thru and thru. But I’m also a realist.

      • Jason Williams

        You are delusional, sir. Let’s say, hypothetically, that the Seahawks don’t beat the Saints in LA. Do you think they lose as badly as the Saints lost in Seattle. Helllllll no.

  • John Alport

    My rankings are based on only one thing — who can win the SuperBowl. That’s what they are playing for, isn’t it.

    1. Denver — Clearly the best after that win/QB performance in the cold

    2. Seattle — Niners fan here says they’re still a bit stronger than SF. Home field advantage gives them easiest NFC path to Superbowl

    3. SF — work in progress; getting stronger with players back in action. Kap has to be unleashed. Still, they have to go back thru Seattle and find a way to communicate in the crowd noise. Unlike Saints, Niners DO stand a chance of winning in Seattle.

    4 NE — had them at #3 until Gronk went down. Must get off to quicker starts in games. You can’t come from behind forever. With Gronk out, they will probably come up short again.
    5 Saints — On a neutral field, they are not as good as SF or Seattle. They are strong at home, but terrible against good teams on the road. They really didn’t beat SF — even at home. They were crushed at Seattle. They have Brees, good receivers, good coaching, good team, but they absolutely cannot win at Seattle for two reasons. Seattle homefield advantage, and Saints just aren’t that good outside. Their only realistic chance is for Seattle to lose early.

    • bj walthall

      So your saying the saints can’t win a superbowl? Because out of all these teams, the saints are the last one to win the superbowl. The truth is your 49ers lost to a good football team. Plus you couldn’t beat Carolina at home, PATHETIC!

  • skeletony

    Oh…I thought this was one of those actual, serious power rankings attempts. You know, the ones where the authors at least try to explain their reasoning behind putting the teams at the spots they place them?
    Especially when you are putting teams with lesser records above teams they got obliterated by who have better records, it is incumbent that one try to give some sort of reason.

  • stropssports

    These power rankings are just dumb.

    here are the real POWER rankings
    1. Denver
    2. Seattle
    3. New England
    4. New Orleans
    5. Kansas City

    • Jason Williams

      He’s not the only ranker to put the Saints and Seahawks as 1 and 2. But it just doesn’t make any sense. Insert the Broncos into the Seahawks – Saints game that took place the other week. There’s no way the Broncos would have lost that badly or even at all. As a Hawks fan, I’d like to think we’re number one, but if we’re not then the only team that could possibly outrank us is the Broncos.

  • bobblablah

    Seahawks pound the Saints and are ranked lower. Weak effort

    • bj walthall

      at home do you think seattle can beat the saints at home?

      • Jason Williams

        Yes, and even if we lose we certainly don’t lose 34 – 7 or worse.

      • Ryan

        well the 49ers actually beat the Saints at home. So why not?

  • Cheyenne Kid

    The Broncos are the best team with Seahawks not far behind. And you cannot rank the Saints #1. Great win this week, but just got smashed by Seahawks last week!

  • anon76returns


    Oh, that was good. OK, so when do you come out with your real rankings?

  • Jeremy R Howdyshell

    It makes sense because New Orleans beat the team that beat Seattle this
    week, and also the 31 points against Carolina by the Saints this week
    shows that they can score big against a good defense (the only one
    better than Seattle in fact). The only reason to argue for Seattle is
    the head-to-head win which is why I would put Seattle ahead of them
    still. The point is though that there is reasons to put New Orleans
    ahead of Seattle, although I don’t feel it outweighs last week’s win
    myself. I would say though that if the game had been at New Orleans the
    result would likely be reversed , but that is not the case and unless
    Seattle two more losses it will not be the case in the NFC Championship,
    so it will likely be Seattle in the Superbowl and no AFC team would
    beat either the Saints or Seattle, because Denver has proven that they
    can’t win against a team with even a good offense let alone Seattle or
    New Orleans. So I agree with this mostly, but the top two should be
    reversed, although the difference between the two teams is not as great
    as the game between them makes it seem

  • Don Knecht

    With all the talk of who beat who and whether they are at home or not, don’t forget how these rankings are determined. The crux of who to put where is: based on last week’s performance, would team X beat team Y if they played on a neutral field. Remember the “neutral field” part. That being said, I would rank the teams (1) Seattle, (2) Denver, (3) New Orleans, (4) Kansas City, (5) San Francisco, (6) New England, (7) Carolina.

    • Jason Williams

      It’s very, very difficult to say if Denver or Seattle should be ranked number 1. However, it is not difficult at all to determine that the Saints have absolutely no business in the top 2.

      • Don Knecht

        Yep, I’d agree with that. I’d also say that it would be hard to rank the Saints any lower than 3 after the recent thrashing of Carolina.

  • Phillip

    What a strange ranking. Is there a method to the madness or just names out of hat?

  • Guy Stark

    What a joke Dallas & Indy ahead of the Cards … get a clue!