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WWE Raw (12/9/13): CM Punk, John Cena, Randy Orton, Triple H brawl in wild finish (GIFs)

WWE Raw was an entertaining show ahead of the Tables, Ladders and Chairs pay-per-view event this weekend. They also handed out their end of the year Slammy Awards. The end of raw was highlighted by an “Ascension Ceremony” where John Cena’s WWE Heavyweight Championship belt and Randy Orton’s WWE Championship belt would be raised.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon were in the ring for the ceremony along with a whole bunch of other former WWE and World Champions. There was a lot of talking and then finally they got to this moment below where they raised both the belts. There was some back and forth talking before this moment but then Orton attacked Cena:


Orton and Cena were separated and CM Punk kept attacking Randy Orton. Triple H pulled Punk off of him and threw Punk to the mat. Punk then gets up goes after Triple H and knocks him to the mat.

Shawn Michaels flies in and delivers a sweet chin music to Punk defending his buddy Triple H. Daniel Bryan then hits Michaels with a running knee, getting revenge.

Orton goes for the RKO on Bryan, but he reverses it and pushes Orton into Stephanie McMahon knocking her down. Triple H checks on Stephanie ten hits Orton with a pedigree. John Cena and Kane go check on Stephanie and the show goes off the air.


Here is a video:

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