Wes Welker still not ruled out of Thursday Night Football

Denver Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker suffered his second concussion in as many games on Sunday afternoon and his jeopardy for the team’s next match up is in serious jeopardy. Welker has not officially been ruled out for the team’s Week 15 match up, but it isn’t looking promising.

“Our big concern is just his health and it’s in the hands of the medical people,” coach John Fox said Tuesday, via quotes from the team.  “If he’s available we’ll use him.  If not, he’ll be out. I’m not super educated on it but I think their protocol doesn’t take into effect the day of the game or how much time. It’s just whether they clear him and he passed the necessary test or not.”

Considering the Broncos have a short week ahead with their next game coming on Thursday Night Football, so it is highly unlikely that he will be cleared in time for the game.

However, crazier things have happened, so stay tuned throughout the week to see how quickly Welker can recover.

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