Kevin Durant jawing with courtside fans again (Video)

Oklahoma City Thunder superstar Kevin Durant has had some interesting interactions with courtside fans this season. At home, he talked to some  courtside fans who were wearing Houston Rockets gear and reportedly asked them if they knew where they were. Then there was the interaction in Portland when Kevin Durant yelled “shut up” at a fan.

After their game in Atlanta against the Hawks, Kevin Durant went towards the sideline to talk to a fan. Kendrick Perkins, Russell Westbrook and Serge Ibaka all came over as well. Eventually Westbrook was pulled away and someone came over and urged Durant to walk away as well.

The conversation certainly didn’t look friendly, but the Thunder players weren’t talking about it after the game. The Oklahoman’s Anthony Slater did get the players to at least acknowledge the incident.

Kevin Durant, in a clear sarcastic tone: “He really respected how we played the game. He just wanted to tell all of us one-by-one.”

Russell Westbrook, when asked if the fan was chirping at him: “Yeah, yeah, yeah”

Kendrick Perkins on the fan: “Sometimes they can get a little disrespectful”

And as a bonus, 2 Chainz was sitting courtside and snapped this awesome picture of Russell Westbrook.

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