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Manti Te'o says he has ignored the taunting from fans

Former Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o has been the butt of many jokes following the fake girlfriend hoax scandal. College students have targeted him with signs all season on the ESPN College GameDay show. Fans of opposing teams have also used it to try and heckle Te’o during games.

“I’ve definitely heard things, but my job is to go out there and to play ball and do my best and hopefully come out with a win. So, all the other outside stuff, if I’m paying attention to that, then I’m in trouble,” Te’o said, via the Associated Press. “But that’s what fans do. They love their team. They’re passionate about their team, so it’s nothing that I didn’t expect.”

Te’o said his opponents and NFL brethren have been more respectful.

“I haven’t really run into any of that. I think as players we understand that we’re all in the same situation. We’re all here to play ball and we’re here as football players, we’re trying to provide a life for our families and that’s about it,” Te’o said.

“When we step on the football field, it’s all about football and competing. So, I haven’t really run into any of that stuff.”

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