Dec 12, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Denver Broncos receiver Keenan Allen (13) celebrates with quarterback Philip Rivers (17) after scoring on a 19-yard touchdown reception in the second quarter against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers Final Score: Chargers stun Broncos 27-20

The Denver Broncos came into tonight’s matchup against the San Diego Chargers thinking that they would pick apart their bottom rung pass defense and that’s exactly what we thought would happen too. It wasn’t a case of if the Chargers would have a chance, it was would Peyton Manning possibly break the NFL single season touchdown record on Thursday?

San Diego had other plans as they jumped all over the Broncos to be a the AFC West leaders 27-20 to move themselves into a position to make a run at the sixth seed in the AFC.

The Chargers were a team we counted out and really shouldn’t have, and likely won’t after tonight’s spanking of the Denver Broncos. It was the other quarterback on the field that put on a show as Philip Rivers finished with just 12 completions on 20 attempts but he made all 12 count as best he could and managed the game brilliantly when he wasn’t dropping back.

Rivers was a star tonight but he owes a lot of that to the 34 rushing attempts that the Chargers had on the night as Ryan Mathews continued to look like the back the Chargers always thought he was. Mathews finished the game with 127 yards and touchdown which marked the fourth time this season that Mathews has gone over 100 yards rushing and the second time that he notched 127 yards on the ground.

The real story though will be how Peyton Manning looked as bad as he’s ever looked in a Broncos uniform. Denver is in no danger of missing the playoffs but they are in danger of losing a spot atop the AFC. Now at 11-3, Denver needs the Chiefs to lose on Sunday or risk being tied in the AFC West yet again. There’s also the matter of looking over their shoulder that the Patriots who may be without Rob Gronkowski but are still within striking distance of taking over the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

For the Chargers, the playoffs started tonight for them and so far things are going as they’d like them to. With the Ravens and Dolphins playing rough games against the Lions and Patriots this week, there’s a good chance that we end Week 15 with a three way 7-7 tie for the sixth seed in the AFC.

This game was riddled with as many playoff implications as it was mistakes by the Broncos. This isn’t a game the Broncos should have lost but they couldn’t have tried harder to do that. From bad penalties, including a brutal one on fourth down, to other mental mistakes, this is the most mortal we’ve seen the Broncos and it really is cause for concern in Denver.

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  • DTVTechGuy

    To all the Donkey fans who laughed at the Chiefs for losing to the Chargers at home…

    How’s it feel?

    Don’t look so dang invincible now… Do ya?

    • arnie

      Not as bad as being swept by the Chargers i suppose.

      • DTVTechGuy

        Won’t happen. Chiefs win game two. Gauranteed. And we won’t lose to Denver a 3rd time either. If the Playoffs for the Chiefs mean the Bengals… The Patriots… And then the Broncos…

        It might actually be our year.

        • Peter Thompson

          Hahahaha… if you say so. You sound like any number of Denver fans did this week ; )

          • DTVTechGuy

            I agree… The irony wasn’t lost on me. But if your a Fan…. Your a Fan… My prediction as a Chiefs Fan… The Chiefs will never lose again… Ever… For centuries to come..

            Never predict a lost.

        • arnie

          Yeah i’ve heard that before. Like i told many of you Chief brethren, at some point the team will have to lean on Smith to win a game. I appreciate you sincerity for your team however none of that will help them on the 29th. My sincerity for my team is just as devoted, but it’s based on “facts”.
          Good luck in the playoffs.

        • DXW

          Pretty big words. The problem is, you’ll be facing a motivated Chargers team in two weeks, and they are a much better team than KC.

          I am curious why you think you won’t lose to Denver again. Did you see something in those first two losses that made you think KC had a chance? The game in Denver wasn’t even close. The final score doesn’t show how badly that healthy KC defense was dominated in Denver. The Game in KC was also never in doubt. It was tighter than the first game, but it was also at Arrowhead where the Chefs are somewhat better overall. What I saw was a decent team beaten twice by a great team, and nothing has changed.

          I do hope we see the Chiefs in the playoffs, but it won’t happen. The Chiefs have yet to win a game against a good team. They’ll lose their last two of the season and be out in the wildcard round. I think that’s pretty obvious to everyone outside of KC.

          • DTVTechGuy

            This weird, follow me around from thread to thread trying to have arguments is disturbing on a number of levels.

            Get a friend man.

          • DXW

            You’re right… I need to stop singling you out like this… But, man, whenever I’m faced with such staggering stupidity from a KC troll, something just comes over me and I have to slap them down. I’d like to say I’ll stop picking on you, but if I do, I’m sure you’ll just come back and say something even more idiotic than before, and I’ll slip up.

            I’ll make you a deal. If you agree to limit your idiotic homer comments to Chiefs boards where no one is smart enough to call you on them, I’ll leave you alone. But if you keep trolling bronco boards and articles… well, I can’t promise anything.

          • DTVTechGuy

            Staggering stupidity from a KC Troll followed by ” I have to slap them down “.

            You certainly are an internet tough guy.

            Once again sir, please, find a friend. Do something constructive.

            Your really not as articulate, as insulting, or as tough as you seem to think you are.

            Get a life man.

            Feel free to respond, or better yet, here you go, I’ll just say it so you can feel like you accomplished something more than crawling out of your parents basement today.

            You win.

          • DXW

            “You win.”

            Nice grasp of the obvious.

            You should apply that skill to the Chiefs, then maybe you’ll rethink coming to Bronco boards to pick fights.

            I left you alone after the first Chiefs game because I didn’t see the sport in shooting cripples, and I could tell how much that loss hurt. I’m fine with going back to ignoring you, but you just… keep… talking….

            Since I’m bored here in my parent’s basement with my imaginary friends, I could keep this up all day. Up to you, though. This ends when you stop.

      • Peter Thompson

        Well, we will just have to “boo” Alex Smith out of the stadium too. I wonder how he will look in a blonde wig, make-up, and a set of earrings.. hahahaha!

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    Manning played like he was sleep walking…