Former QB Jake Plummer calls out Mike Shanahan

The Washington Redskins situation is getting messy. Head coach Mike Shanahan benched Robert Griffin III for the season to protect his health. One of Mike Shanahan’s former quarterbacks, Jake Plummer, tried to provide some insight given his experience with the coach.

“It’s not a fun situation and I feel for RG3 — a great kid, a really, really great football player – he’ll bounce back, get healthy and persevere through this,” Jake Plummer told Jim Corbett of USA Today.  “I see great things in his future.  But I think it’s going to be with a new coach. . . .

“I don’t think there will be a Shanahan future there. I think there will be a different head coach for this franchise quarterback who had a great year last year, and the knee injury played into this because I have not seen another quarterback this exciting, maybe other than Randall Cunningham.”

Here is where Plummer got critical of Shanahan, while maintaining that he “was no Peyton Manning.”

“I just know from my experience sometimes Shanahan would ask too much of me,” Plummer said.  “I was pretty good.  But I was no Peyton Manning. I had to fight every day.

“A similar situation happened with me, and it happened with Donovan McNabb because we had our own styles, and it didn’t mesh with what Mike wanted.  What I see happening there isn’t the same, but it is similar.”

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