Oct 16, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Tigers second baseman Omar Infante (4) hits a ground rule double against the Boston Red Sox during the fourth inning in game four of the American League Championship Series baseball game at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

MLB Free Agency: New York Yankees offered Omar Infante a three year deal

Now that Robinson Cano is out of the picture for the New York Yankees, the franchise is currently looking for his replacement.

According to Jon Heyman on Twitter, the New York Yankees have offered Omar Infante a three year deal.

A colleague of mine here at FanSided reported earlier that the New York Yankees actually rejected a trade that would involve Brett Gardner and veteran infielder Brandon Phillips. If this team were to pull the trigger on that trade, they would have been set to reach the post-season after failing to do so last year.

The Yankees already found a replacement for Alex Rodriguez for the 2014 in former Tampa Bay Ray infielder Kelly Johnson, but could use him at second base from time to time if they’re unable to sign Infante.

If all else fails, they could bring in Mark Ellis for a year or try to acquire Milwaukee Brewer’s Rickie Weeks.

Here’s a look at what the Yankees lineup could look like if they signed Infante.

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  • Scott Lucas

    I dont understand why they keep turning down the guys they actually want, if you gotta give a little more money maybe its necessary to put together a winning ball club.

    • Jim Harper

      It was not about the money. It was about the extra year. I believe Cashman knows what he is doing. Also they are only interested in trading Gardner if it is for a front line starting pitcher and rightly so. They have a great outfield with Gardner in left, Ellsbury in center, and Beltran in right and Soriano as a 4th outfielder and DH. Gardner is far too valuable to waste on a 2nd baseman.

      • JoeDaBeast

        And on a second baseman that would be declining before Gardner would. Loving the “Win Now” attitude of the Yankees, I’d prefer for it not to drag us back to the 80s when big deals didn’t work and sunk the ship. Build from withit again, take some third (or perish the though fourth) place finishes and build for the future.

        Plus, does ANYONE actually believe that Jeter would accept a 7th spot in the batting order? You better believe if Buster’s line up is what the Yankees go with, Gardner would have to come down. How much better would that make Jeter look batting between two of the three bigger free agent signings?

        • Jim Harper

          Here is the lineup I see at least to begin the year.
          1st Ellsbury
          2nd Jeter
          3rd Beltran
          4th Soriano DH
          5th Teixera
          6th McCann
          7th Johnson (2B)
          8th 3rd baseman to be named later
          9th Gardner