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Muhammad Ali dodging 21 punches to 'Can't Touch This' (Video)

In 1977, Muhammad Ali took on Michael Dokes in a nationally televised exhibition. Ali’s long and legendary career was winding down while Dokes, then just 19, was just beginning his career. There was an interesting point in the fight when Dokes throws multiple, 21 in total, punches at Ali who is backed into a corner.

Ali isn’t even guarding himself has his hands on each rope and proceeds to dodge every punch like he is Neo from The Matrix. Tired, worn out and frustrated, Dokes backed up and Ali gave a little hip shimmy or dance in what was an awesome moment.

This isn’t exactly newsworthy, but since someone on Reddit posted a GIF of the sequence it has been displayed on The Big Lead and Deadspin. It is a great GIF by all means, but I think this is better when watched with some musical accompaniment. How about MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This.”

Here is the GIF going around:

Here is the video:

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