via: KDVR FOX31 (@WxTrackerDaryl)

Quadruple stabbing occurs outside Mile High following Broncos vs. Chargers Thursday Night game

via: KDVR FOX31 (@WxTrackerDaryl)

via: KDVR FOX31 (@WxTrackerDaryl)

NFL audiences are captivated by the ballet of violence that occurs on the field every Sunday and for most Thursdays during the season. But all too often that violence spills over to the outside world and outside of stadiums. According to the Denver police, that violence boiled over to outside of Sports Authority Stadium in Denver following the Broncos 27-20 loss to the Chargers.

Denver police confirmed via Twitter that a quadruple stabbing took place after or just before the game ended.

Another report from police states that the call came in just before 10pm MT, which would mean the incident occurred just before the final gun and while fans were pouring out of the exits.

KDVR FOX 31 in Denver reported not long after the incident occurred that three of the four victims were in stable condition while one was in critical condition.

Police aren’t sure what led to the incident occurring but it’s yet another reminder of just how dangerous it is to go to football games these days as the Mile High stabbing joins a slew of other across all sports over the past few years to have occurred while on the premises of a sports stadium. Football and baseball seem to be the worst offenders and the NFL must again deal with violence off the field as much as they have to worry about it on the field.

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