Raiders’ Terrelle Pryor on benching: ‘It is what it is’

The Oakland Raiders made a switch at quarterback midseason, that left Terrelle Pryor on the bench and put int Matt McGloin. The switch was made because of injuries and inconsistency.

“I could sit here and say I disagree and this and that, but, at the end of the day, coach Allen is our leader and he’s the one that has to make tough decisions,” Pryor said, via CSN Bay Area. “He made one, and it is what it is.”

“I was hurt in the New York Giants game and couldn’t exactly be myself, I come back and somebody else is starting,” Pryor said. “Now it’s about pushing forward and finding ways to get better. You could always put your head down and cry and whine about it and talk behind everyone’s back about it and be very negative, but there’s another way.”

One of the biggest problems was Pryor’s handling of the Giants game. He didn’t play well and after the game in talks with the media, he blamed it on his knee. Something he either made up, or didn’t tell coaches about.

“Whether I was talked into going or whatever the case may be, I went out and I have to be able to handle the business for the team,” Pryor said. “Everyone counted on me to go out there and lead. It was just bad leadership on my side to make an excuse and say it was my knee. Whether it was or not, that’s one of my biggest regrets right there. Anytime you step on the field you have to make plays. You’re held accountable. That’s a moment I wish I would’ve handled differently.”

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  • Mike Mittleberger

    Takes a good person to admit they made a mistake. I still like Pryor nd think at some point coaching is something to do with it as well.

  • Phil Mokate

    He got Alex Smithed! I have always thought DA does not like Blacks and I am white. There is a diff. way he handles colored players. MM is 1-3 Losing. DA says production bus., well Pryor had us in playoff contention when he put a white losing QB in. Vince Young is 20 Times better and DA still passed on him. Black?

    • Pridenpoise

      Are u serious, I love when people think that the coaches are that sinister, ya Dennis Allen who is fighting to keep his job benches the black QB, ABSURD. You may want to look over the roster it’s about 85% black, or higher. As for Vince Young, he’s doing so well, he still is looking for a job after numerous workouts with many teams. Give up on the racism angle, it’s pure BS and has no merit.

      • AnthonyMills

        I think phill has a point ijs

        • Pridenpoise

          Well there’s no cure for stupid.

          • TribalX

            Having an opinion that is different than your own doesn’t make a person stupid. That’s a pretty stupid statement.

    • RdrFusion

      Stupid comment!

  • RdrFusion

    Wonder if Pryor could be transformed to a WR/TE?

  • jose villarreal

    It’s simple McGloin 1-4, Pryor 3-5. Know who gives us the best chance to win? If McGloin would of had us in playoff contention then it would be a different story! So with that being said Pryor should be the starter!