Dez Bryant left field before Dallas Cowboys game was over


The Dallas Cowboys were not he wrong side of history yet again on Sunday afternoon when they blew a 24 point lead to lose to the Green Bay Packers 37-36 in the biggest comeback win in Packers franchise history. The loss was one we should have seen coming, given the luck of the Cowboys as of late and the fact that when he’s in tight games, Tony Romo just thrown an interception and everyone goes home.

For Dez Bryant, he went home a little earlier than everyone else as FOX camera captured Bryant leaving the game before it had actually ended but almost immediately after Romo’s game ending interception.

This will again start discussions about Dez Bryant’s character and his relationship with the Cowboys. When he blew up on the sidelines against the Detroit Lions, the incident was chalked up to passion. This time, that same excuse can’t fly as not many people display their passion by walking off the field at the end of the game before action has wrapped up.

It was brought to light after the game that Tony Romo checked out of a run play and ended up thrown the game ending interception as a result. This must have been one of the factors that led to Bryant stomping off the field doing his best Cartman impression.

Was Bryant right to storm off the field? Sound off in the comments section and let us know what you think.

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