Dez Bryant left field before Dallas Cowboys game was over


The Dallas Cowboys were not he wrong side of history yet again on Sunday afternoon when they blew a 24 point lead to lose to the Green Bay Packers 37-36 in the biggest comeback win in Packers franchise history. The loss was one we should have seen coming, given the luck of the Cowboys as of late and the fact that when he’s in tight games, Tony Romo just thrown an interception and everyone goes home.

For Dez Bryant, he went home a little earlier than everyone else as FOX camera captured Bryant leaving the game before it had actually ended but almost immediately after Romo’s game ending interception.

This will again start discussions about Dez Bryant’s character and his relationship with the Cowboys. When he blew up on the sidelines against the Detroit Lions, the incident was chalked up to passion. This time, that same excuse can’t fly as not many people display their passion by walking off the field at the end of the game before action has wrapped up.

It was brought to light after the game that Tony Romo checked out of a run play and ended up thrown the game ending interception as a result. This must have been one of the factors that led to Bryant stomping off the field doing his best Cartman impression.

Was Bryant right to storm off the field? Sound off in the comments section and let us know what you think.

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  • Anon

    If my coach was Garrett, play caller Callahan and quarterback Romo, I’d probably walk off the field too after that game.

    • Aleus August

      Hey Man remember what this topic is about DEZ BRYANT, yeah Romo did his thing with the picks but at least he didnt walk off the field after he threw them. at least Romo is a team player, Dez is not, just the timing of him walking off the field shows viewers , Dallas fans, and just people watching football; shows you how he just said and turn his back like F’ yall im outta here attitude

  • Douglas Burgess

    Dez Bryant is one of those guys with tons of talent, but who always cause more trouble than they are worth. Get rid of him. He’s not going to help win a super bowl.

    • slim

      get rid of your best player? you sound like the guy giving jerry jones advice on putting together the team. you sound like one of those guys who never left the bench but social media makes you special

      • Jimmy Welzig

        Really Slim? I have NEVER in my 48 years ever seen a High school player, College player and Def not a “pro” (hate to use that term with this guy) walk off the field before the end(short of injuries)! all the talent in the world does not justify such poor sportsmanship!
        What does this do to team moral? they just ended their season…not with the picks (horrible as they were) but with the strife this is sure to bring!
        so as an Eagles fan…Let me end by saying Thanks dezzy

        • Douglas Burgess

          Winners don’t blame others or stomp off in a huff. They find ways to win. He take the blame even when it isn’t their fault. Guys like Bryant and Ocho Stinko and Terrell Owens, are great players and lousy teammates. You have to be both to be a consistent winner in the NFL. Look at Brady, Manning, Breese, these guys would never act like that.

          • slim

            stfu with that . Bryant and Ocho and owens make qbs look good. there is nothing selfish about sacrificing your body only to see a poor excuse of a qb like romo audible into a pic. that’s disgust not selfishness u need to appreciate greatness instead of feeling like a man should act how you want them to.

          • Douglas Burgess

            Show me a man. Dez left cuz he didn’t want you to see him cry. Fraid you’d cry too.

        • slim

          dez is the only real football player in that team i would want to stay around those losers either

      • Douglas Burgess

        At least I supported my team on the bench. At least I didn’t act like a gutless baby. He can’t help them win because he isn’t a winner. Move on.

        • slim

          bench warmer opinions don’t really matter

          • Douglas Burgess

            Whaaaa, whaaaa. Dez, sez whaaaaaa! I was gonna cry. Hey I’d rather be a man on the bench than a cry baby starter, and you probably weren’t even on a team.

  • tdv

    Personal Foul, unsportsmanlike conduct…# 88. What a loser.

  • Earl Robertson

    Again it was the first int when they still had the lead that romo check out of not the ending game int

  • Old Frog

    I know how he feels. I’m too old for this cr@p. I grew up in Ft. Worth. I used to watch Bob Lilly play for TCU. I’ve been a Cowboys fan since they drafted him in 1961. The last 17 years has worn me out. I guess I’m getting to the age where it’s better to be an observer than a fan. I’d walk out of the stadium disgusted just like he did if I were there.

    • Terry Johnson

      As someone who played football in HS in Texas in the 60′s I too am disgusted by the times this QB has choked and thrown interceptions at the end of the game. I don’t care about statistics, defenses…The QB is the leader of the team and either builds morale or he destroys it…it’s time to get a QB that fights to win, not one who just tries not to lose….

  • RocDude

    He’s a grown man who gets paid to play a boy’s sport. He needs to grow up.

  • Terry Johnson

    I have no problem with Dez walking off the field….we’ve seen Romo do this time and time again…anyone who couldn’t see this coming with the QB choking at the end of the game needs to check their seeing eye dog at the door. It’s time to get a QB who knows how to lead the team.

  • Janelle-nellie Overdapast Cham

    Dez bryant is the only player on our team that actually has passion 4 da games..he getting paid 2 make it do what it do..he b out there doin da damn thing..cowboys basically had the game wrapped up in 1..and you get stomped on back 2 back weeks by back up quarterbacks..cum’on man..where they do that at??..Bryant was nowhere near wrong for stomping doesn’t show he being selfish..he tired of the b.s…he is truly the heart of the cowboys!! Yet win or lose…I’m a COWBOY till I die!!

    • Miguel Enrique Tovar Saavedra

      I think I agree….except I couldn’t understand half of the post.

      • texasaaa

        Ebonics, Americas 2nd language.

    • Aleus August

      There was thing about having passion for the game and its one thing to show emotion, but to act a fool where the world see’s you do this on your team is another, he always been a problem remember this the same man that put his hands on his own mama’, but yet he is still a youngster ; but needs to grow up quick, but whatever the case; blaming Romo is one thing, we seen that a million times from him,but someone need to talk about that defense and why they was passing the ball with a lead instead of running 7 times in the second half

  • wastew

    Let him sit out the next game since he is not a TEAM player when the going gets tough the real player walks

  • texasaaa

    Romo haters suck. He put the game
    out of reach for any other nfl team. Crap he’s just out of bullets at the end of the game.
    Put that many points on the board and you can’t win, it’s not on Romo.
    On any other decent team he would be sporting Super Bowl rings on his finger. It’s a team sport boys…
    Or, just go get a Quincy Carter look a like again. How did that work out for ya?
    This is anything but Romos fault.

  • Aleus August

    I dont know what kind of teammate does that mess, just dis his team and left them in the wind off a game that wasnt over, what is going to be his excuse now, last time it was something different in Detroit, and really who cares about an apology; cause he aint true to himself, yeah he needs to be kick off, sat down with a dunce hat; just like some past silly mouth wideouts that aint in the league anymore ,, honestly if there was technical fouls in football he would be the leader in those, he reminds me of three players in one Terell Owens, Keyshawn Johnson and Randy Moss, all great players but just had a mental problems when things dont go the way they thought, what a selfish spoiled brat! YOU NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON YOUR BOYS YOU STAY TIL THE FIGHT IS OVER…