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Jacksonville Jaguars give up touchback on failed TD run (GIF)

The Jacksonville Jaguars may still be in the playoff hunt, but they’re really bad at scoring touchdowns to keep things that way. Jacksonville needs a win today against the Buffalo Bills but they’re not doing themselves any favors when they fumble the ball out of the back of the end zone and give the Bills the ball back.

It’s even worse when you fumble the ball out of the back of the end zone on what looked like a touchdown run that could have changed momentum in the game.

It’s hard to determine what’ worse about this play, the fact that a touchdown was erased from the board or the showboating that occurred right before the touchdown was slapped out of the hands of the Jaguars. Anytime someone showboats, they deserve to have bad things happen but this play was underscored by the fact that the Jaguars were showboating.

You get what you ask for though and the Jaguars just made their impossible playoffs hopes even more unlikely.

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