Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo (9) reacts after getting sacked in the fourth quarter against the Green Bay Packers at AT

Jason Garrett throws Tony Romo under bus after Cowboys meltdown

The Dallas Cowboys suffered an absolute meltdown in the second half of their Week 15 match up against the Green Bay Packers, but the fun was just beginning. After the game, which ended with two straight interceptions from Tony Romo, head coach Jason Garrett appeared to be feeling the heat.

Losses like this are exactly what can get coaches fired, but it was still surprising to see Garrett throw Romo under the bus following the game.

Garrett could have taken responsibility for some play-calling that cost the team down the stretch, but instead he placed the blame on Romo and said that his quarterback changed their final play, which was supposed to be a run.

From Bryan Broaddus of the team’s official website:

The obvious question is: Why run the ball in the final 90 seconds after abandoning the run in the entire second half? Was that part of the master plan?

Regardless of what actually happened on the field, Garrett’s comments now place a target directly on Romo so that he can receive even more blame for the loss than he was going to get after the collapse.

Things are going to get very interesting in Dallas over the next two weeks if they continue to play themselves out of the playoffs, which could lead towards some mix ups on the roster and coaching staff. Throwing your quarterback under the bus is one way to catch your owner’s attention and potentially punch your ticket out of town.

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  • yeager

    This article is wrong, the play that Garret spoke about was the first interception, not the last. LOL

    • Earl Robertson

      Yea it was the first one good call out

    • Brewster

      They may be quoting NFL Network because they said it was the last play. And I think the FOX guys did too.

  • Jd

    Let’s see… Garrett throws Romo under the bus because he audibles to a pass on the last pick, which should have been a run.
    But meanwhile, the reprehensible play calling with a 3 score lead in the second half, flat out disgusting. Any team who chooses NOT to run the football with a 2 & 3 score lead, shouldn’t be throwing anyone under the bus.

    I’m not Even mad or pissed off anymore. It’s the expectation I have of this team to lose games in December and choke year after year.

    I honestly don’t think there is a real answer as to what the problem truly is.

    Is it Jerry, because he’s the guy who puts his teams together and hires the coaching staff?
    Is it the lack of talent on the defensive side of the ball?
    Is it the face that Romo has been snake bitten & absolutely carries the stigma of being a choke artist in big games in December?
    Is it the inexplicable lack of balance on offense, year after year that continues to cost us wins & playoff appearances?
    Is it having one horrible draft after draft by not addressing the real holes that this team needs to fill?

    The one thing I will not do today is kill our defense. Yes, they need to take responsibility for not being able to stop Matt Flynn & Greenbay once in the second half. But when your offense can’t maintain a drive for longer than a minute, multiple times in the second half, a defense that always gets torched, is going to wear down.

    I am tired of watching this team, year after year, collapse in December and continue to choke away the playoffs. And the truth is, it’s been under Garretts watch & Romo in his prime. And as fans there isn’t anything, we can truly do except to continue to watch this deplorable play until changes are made.

    And lastly… People can say whatever they want about Cowboy Nation. We are the best fans in the world. We live & die for this team.
    And with saying that, we deserve better than what this team continues to give us.

  • Dan Condon

    Garrett and Callahan should be fired and Jones needs to retire.

  • Brewster

    Jason Garrett has been the Head Coach for 3 seasons. I haven’t watched every game but I’ve never seen Garrett make a decision during a game thats impressive or wins a game. Instead Garrett always seems like the Amateur trying to be a real Coach.
    But then Jones is an amateur trying to be a real GM.
    Jones is too selfish and in love with himself to let that position go. And even if he did he would likely not stay out of the new GMs business.
    So the best thing and most unselfish thing Jerry Jones could do is sell the team and retire.

    • texasaaa

      Your wasting comment space. You know that ain’t happenin’

  • trinity

    I don’t think garrett threw him under the bus. The guy just answered the question honestly. It was supposed to be a run play, and romo threw it and choked like he always does. Which is not to say that the head coach, and especially monte kiffin don’t deserve blame. This defense is hideous. And yet despite that absolute fact, the cowboys had a chance to win. It was squarely in the hands of that offense. And they failed because they are failures