June 11, 2013; Irving, TX, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones talks during a press conference after minicamp at Dallas Cowboys Headquarters. Mandatory Credit: Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones: loss 'one of the hardest' he's experienced

Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo continued to fuel the rampant chatter that he folds late in ballgames in December.

After leading 26-3 at halftime and 29-10 midway through the third quarter, the Cowboys defense gave up three consecutive Matt Flynn touchdown passes – with a Romo TD pass to Dez Bryant sandwiched in — and a 1-yard game-clinching run by Packers’ running back Eddie Lacy to seal the victory for Green Bay.

The comeback win – 23 points – matched the biggest comeback win in Green Bay franchise history.

While the Dallas defense gave up 433 total yards and allowed backup QB Flynn to throw for 299 and four touchdowns, it was two late interceptions from Romo that helped seal the Cowboys’ fate, a tale that is becoming all-too familiar for Dallas fans.

Several players expressed their displeasure with the Cowboys second half performance, but according to owner/general manager Jerry Jones, this loss was one of the most difficult to take in his tenure with the organization, via the Associated Press’ Stephen Hawkins.

“This is one of the hardest losses that I’ve experienced. That’s a shame that we’ve lost that ballgame,” Jones said. “When you have that kind of lead and you are playing well, and we were playing well, then it’s a shame to lose a ballgame like that.”

Dallas (7-7) is three games behind the San Francisco 49ers (10-4) for the final Wild Card spot in the NFC with two games to play, so it will take passing the Philadelphia Eagles (8-6) in the East to make the playoffs.

The Cowboys already beat the Eagles once this season – a week 7, 17-3 win – and should both win next week, their playoff fates will be decided when they square off again in the final game of the season.

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  • Jd

    I’ve always wondered… when Jerry wakes up after each of his team’s December collapse losses, does he look in the mirror & actually think he’s doing a good job?

    I can’t remember ever watching a game where the announcers were just as appalled and disgusted as Cowboy fans were while watching the offense literally “throwing” the game away.

    I don’t even know how it could be possible for any coach keeping their job if they miss the playoffs, especially Garrett.

    People can talk about philosophy, pedigree, what other highly respected coaches and general managers say about Garrett. It doesn’t mean he’s a good head coach.
    You can put a dress and lipstick on a pig. At the end of the day, it’s still a pig.

    Jason Garrett is not a good head coach. Every coach makes mistakes, no one’s perfect. And throwing a challenge flag when there is clear and concise evidence telling you not to, going for a 4th & 2 in the 4th quarter of a game you’re trailing and need the first down, letting the clock run an extra 20 seconds and not realizing you had a time out left, it happens.
    But you, as the head coach, sit by and watch your team inexplicably continue to throw the football with a 3 score lead, that’s something else entirely.

    Garrett defenders can continue to preach patience and how his players love him like he’s one of the guys and the free and easy, not holding anyone accountable for their actions type of guy. And tell us that it will all come together & he’s the right guy.

    The right guy wouldn’t stand by & watch his teams lead evaporate before hi eyes because someone, whoever it is nowadays, refuses to run the ball. And that stupid UCKING look he has on his face when you know everything is about to go down the drain, that’s all I need to know about Garrett and his coaching ability.

    There is nothing being built here by Garrett. There’s no old school way that should get us excited. And the amount of deplorable decisions that are made game after game are absolutely destructive more than beneficial.
    Holy crap, we have a quarterback who under threw Dez 3 times, and 2 of them would have been touchdowns. A guy who makes poor decisions in the biggest of moments, year after year.

    Wake up Jerry. We all know you’ll never look into the mirror and realize you’re the problem. But, getting an actual real coaching staff in here & a true franchise qb, would be a nice start.
    Oh yeah, and draft some UCKING defensive impact players this year.

    • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

      You have to remember that Jason Garrett has very little play calling authority because Jerry Jones gave Romo more authority this year to opt out of plays that are called by Callahan. He, is basically Jerry Jone’s puppet and you can hang this loss on him. If Garrett was the one who had stopped calling running plays and opting out when running plays were called then you would be right in blaming him for this loss. However, that is not the case thanks to Jerry Jones. Any person hired by Jones to coach will have to do so under his inept handling of the team. A good coach will not work for Jones as any coach hired to replace Garrett will be subject to the same bad decisions imposed on him by Jones. Thus, you had better hope that Garrett stays on as coach as he is the best alternative to handle this situation.

      • Jd

        My issue with the game and what Garrett did or rather didn’t do was, if you’re the HC of a football team and you have a 29-17 lead, and play after play is throwing the football, how can you not step in and make a coaching decision to say, hey Bill… Our lead is evaporating here, let’s run the ball more.
        And what we witnessed tonight has been going on since he’s been here.

        Let me ask you a question.
        Do you honestly think if Doug Pedersen, Jay Gruden, Darrell Bevell or Adam Gase were the OC of this team, they would be throwing the football up 29-17 at a differential of 21 passes to 7 rushes?
        And another question. Do you think Andy Reid, Marvin Lewis, Pete Carroll or John Fox would actually stand by and let what happened tonight happen? No way.
        Whether or not Garrett is or isn’t calling the plays, because at this point, I don’t think any of us know who is. It’s probably Jerry from his luxury box.
        Any HC with half a brain, watching the offense completely self destruct because, they stopped running the ball, would and should step in.
        Murray was averaging 7 yards a carry, Greenbay couldn’t stop me from running against them, I am recovering from back surgery.

        I understand what you’re saying about the play calling and who or who isn’t calling the plays. But it’s the responsibility of the HC to take control of the game when it starts getting out of hand, like it did tonight.

        And I’m not one to question play calling, or more so use it as a reason for losing or winning. You still have to execute regardless of the play calling.
        But tonight, a completely different story.
        There is absolutely no justification, for whoever is calling the plays, to do what they did in the second half. 48 pass attempts to only 18 rushing attempts, in a game we lead 26-3 at halftime, that’s absolutely disgusting. And they only ran it 7 times in the second half, that’s even worse.

        I’ll get away from Garrett here though.
        My thoughts about Callahan being hired, I thought it was a mistake from the beginning. His offensive philosophy is pass heavy with a vertical game and use the running game as more of a distraction. Well, while we have the offensive weapons to have a pass heavy offensive attack, his deep, vertical game doesn’t fit. I’m sure you’ve noticed Romo’s arm strength is becoming more of an issue. Those 3 deep shots they took to Dez and Romo under threw all 3, that’s an issue. Or at least for me it is. If the defense knows you can’t hit that deep home run ball, you don’t need safety help deep. And just the complete lack of use of our running backs in the running and passing game is a joke.

        I will say this. I could handle Garrett being the HC as long as Jerry brings in an OC who understands how to utilize our offenses full potential and a balanced attack. Or, which will never happen, let Garrett choose his own guy. Someone younger, more creative and someone looking to control the game, dictate it more. Not always have our offense get to a point where we become predictable. Because that’s exactly what Callahan has us looking like.

        • disqus_kLJwdEdnOL

          You are right, none of the coaches you listed would have let that happen. However, as I stated, none of those coaches would ever work for Jerry Jones. I believe if you are hired by an owner and the owner tells you things are going to be a certain way, then that is what you have to do. The coaches of the teams you mentioned do not have meddling owners. Jones took the play calling duties away from Garrett. Do you really think that Garrett was going to all of a sudden reverse that in the heat of a game? Do people normally undermine the culture of a team by going against their bosses? I don’t think expecting that to happen is realistic. Garrett won’t be fired but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him quit this circus. Then Jones will hire another puppet for fans to criticize as the present culture continues.

    • Jeff Murrell

      Spot on!!!!

  • SmartThinking

    “… and the blind shall lead them…”