Jets DT Sheldon Richardson scores a TD on a run play (GIF)

The New York Jets are pulling out all the stops to try and get a win against the Carolina Panthers. They put defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson in the backfield as a full back. They might have been expecting him to be a lead blocker, but they handed the ball off to Richardson.

He managed to punch his way through and over the line to give the Jets the score. It narrowed the lead to 16-13 in the third quarter. He said if the draft was redone, he’d be the number one pick.

“Probably No. 1, most likely,” Richardson said of where he’d go in a redraft, via ESPN. “Kansas City? Yeah. I went into the draft thinking I’d be the No. 1 pick. I had a shot.”

Now that he has scored a rushing touchdown too and shown his versatility, maybe.

[h/t] SB Nation


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