Dec 15, 2013; Arlington, TX, USA; Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy (27) runs the ball against the Dallas Cowboys at AT

Packers at Cowboys final score: Dallas suffers epic collapse as Green Bay wins, 37-36

The Dallas Cowboys jumped out to a 26-3 lead entering halftime, after a strong running game led them to a dominant first-half over the Green Bay Packers. Unfortunately for the Cowboys and their fans, it was time for an epic collapse in the second half as they gave the game to the Packers, 37-36.

Tony Romo threw two interceptions in the final quarter, which immediately charges the “Romo isn’t clutch” narrative. However, he is not the one to blame for the team’s loss.

The Dallas defense returned to embarrassing form and could not get a stop. In fact, the Green Bay offense was able to score on every single second half possession. It was a heart-breaking loss by Dallas and happens to be the latest example to the Cowboys December woes.

On top of the horrendous defensive play, the Cowboys play-calling was a disaster.

Despite having plenty of success in the running game throughout the first two quarters, Dallas abandoned the run and watched their lead slip away. It was an all-around choke job, but to blame this loss solely on Romo is not fair.

For the Packers, they can now hope that Aaron Rodgers will return to the lineup next weekend and allow them to close in on the playoffs.

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  • Earl Robertson

    After this game my hate for jerry jones has finally pass the love I had for the Landry cowboys and jimmy cowboys. I’m done caring about what happens

  • Bootlips Johnson

    The Jones family has ruined this once proud franchise. It’s incredible watching this team yet find another way to lose.

  • Old Frog

    Can’t wait to read the boards and blogs tomorrow. Is anyone other than JJ and SJ safe from the coming purge? Also the announcers kept talking about Garrett and Jones demanding players step up for the game but no mention about how disgusted the fans are. Does anyone in the media read these boards?

  • Loren Baldwin

    Great comeback by the Packers, with a little help from the Cowboys questionable play calling. We’ll see what happens in the final two regular season games with Rodgers at the helm….GO PACK GO!!!!!