Woman taken out on sideline of Rams-Saints game (GIF)

The New Orleans Saints are taking the St. Louis Rams on the road this weekend. The Rams should be a win for the Saints who are looking to stay in the race for the NFC’s top seed in the playoffs.

There was an interesting situation in the first quarter when Broncos running back Zac Stacy ran out-of-bounds. He narrowly misses a woman on the sideline who jumps out of the way. She turns her back to the field thinking the play is over.

Saints cornerback Malcolm Jenkins had pushed Stacy when he was already out-of-bounds. Jenkins had meanwhile come to a stop himself out-of-bounds. That is when it looks like Rams tight end Jared Cook “accidentally” ran into Jenkins.

Jenkins then rolled into the woman who fell awkwardly.

[h/t] @gifdsports


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