WWE TLC Results 2013: CM Punk defeats The Shield (GIFs)

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WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs is kicking off from Houston, Texas. First match is the handicap match between CM Punk and all three members of The Shield. CM Punk and Dean Ambrose went at it first grappling in the middle before going back to their corners.

They then went back to grappling in the middle of the ring with Dean Ambrose getting him from behind. He tried to push Punk to The Shield’s corner but he spun out and retreated to his ring.

Punk yells at Ambrose to give someone else a shot and Seth Rollins comes in. Punk then exited the ring under the bottom rope towards the announcer table. Rollins slid out and punk slid back in. He then knocked Ambrose off the side of the ring and went to work on Rollins in his corner.

He was doing some shoulder charges, mini-spears sort of. Punk then hit the neck breaker and got control of the match. He hit another neck breaker and went for the cover but Rollins kicked out again. Rollins gets to the corner and tags in Roman Reigns.

Punk gets control with some forearms to the face. Reigns picks Punk up and throws him into The Shield’s corner and stomps on him. Punk fought back a but Reigns got him on his back in the ring. Rollins comes in and kept stomping on Punk.

Rollins then tagged in Ambrose. Who went for a pin, but Punk kicked out quickly. Ambrose then spread Punk’s legs and kicked him a few times in his private parts. Ambrose brought Punk to their corner and tagged in Reigns.

Punk was laying there motionless and Reigns picked him up by his hair. He whipped Punk into a clothesline. Punk got up and fought back getting some hits in. He went off the ropes but Reigns reversed with a clothesline. Reigns then threw Punk out of the ring by the announcer’s table.

Reigns tried to spear Punk in front of the announcer’s table, but Punk moved and Reigns went over the table. Punk got back in the ring and the count out began. Reigns somehow got up and into the ring. Punk went to work on Reigns eyes which were damaged some how.

reigns missed spear

Reigns threw Punk out of the ring and Reigns tagged in Rollins, who got Punk back in the ring. They exchanged punches, and Punk almost landed the “Go To Sleep” but he was distracted. Rollins took advantaged and slammed Punk and went for a pin. Then Rollins started mocking Punk’s “GTS” gesture and then the move.

punk kick

Punk countered and knocked Ambrose to the ground in the process. He then landed a quick kick to Rollins and went for a pin but Rollins kicked out. Punk had momentum, he landed a swinging neck breaker. Punk is in control of an isolated Rollins goes to top rope jumps off and lands a cross-body. Rollins can’t be pinned, so Punk goes for a submission hold but Ambrose breaks it up.

Rollins tags in Ambrose. He gets Punk to the top rope and Punk counters with a head butt causing Ambrose to fall to the mat. Punk then stands and lands the elbow on Ambrose, and goes for the pin but Ambrose kicks out.


Punk called for the GTS, Rollins comes in to break it up and Punk hits him with the GTS instead. Punk tries to land the GTS on Ambrose again, but he gets out of it and off Punk’s shoulders. Then Reigns comes into spear Punk, but he moves and Reigns spears Ambrose instead. Punk gets the pin and the win and runs out of the ring.

punk finish

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Remaining Matches Title Stipulation
John Cena vs. Randy Orton WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship Unification Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match
Daniel Bryan vs. The Wyatt Family N/A 3-on-1 Handicap Match
AJ Lee vs. Natalya Divas Championship N/A
Big E Langston vs. Damien Sandow Intercontinental Championship N/A
Ryback and Curtis Axel vs. Big Show and Rey Mysterio vs. Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust Tag Team Championship N/A


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