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Detroit Lions proved to be all hype and no bite

The Detroit Lions lost their Monday Night Football matchup with the Baltimore Ravens in a way only the Detroit Lions can.

With the whole football world watching and first place in the division on the line, led by their “franchise” quarterback and “head coach”, the Lions choked.

Yes, much of the credit needs to go to the Ravens and especially kicker Justin Tucker, who scored all 18 points for his team, including the phenomenal 61-yard field goal with :38 seconds left on the clock to win the game. But, in true Lions fashion, they played a role in their own demise as well.

You really can’t expect anything else from this organization.

Let’s not even get into the fact that Detroit has lost four out of its last five, or that the NFC North was essentially handed to it with both Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers going down with injuries. Let’s not mention the unthinkable loss to Tamba Bay at home, or the plethora of mistakes Jim Schwartz has made along the way.

Let’s just focus on the fact that when it mattered most, Matthew Stafford threw one touchdown compared to three interceptions. When it mattered most, Calvin Johnson, arguably the best player in the world, didn’t live up to his own hype and dropped a few very important footballs.

When it mattered most, this team proved that it was all hype and no bite. The division was theirs to win, and they gave it away in typical Lions fashion.

Detroit went from first to third in one weekend. Its chances of making the playoffs are now slim. Schwartz is firmly on the hot seat now and many fans are calling for his firing; and what could have been a storybook season full of opportunities will go down as another Lions’ disappointment.

Same old Lions.

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