Nov 17, 2013; Seattle, WA, USA; Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Percy Harvin (11) catches a pass during pre game warm ups prior to the game against the Minnesota Vikings at CenturyLink Field. Mandatory Credit: Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Percy Harvin not expected to play for rest of the season, likely to return in playoffs

The Seattle Seahawks boast the best record in football and are looking to cruise through the NFC Playoffs. But while they still have home field advantage to lock up in the postseason, one player who likely won’t be helping Seattle in that quest is wide receiver Percy Harvin. According to’s Mike Florio, Harvin likely won’t be making his next Seahawks appearance until the playoffs.

Per Florio:

On Monday, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said that an update regarding receiver Percy Harvin will be coming on Wednesday.  Whatever the update is, don’t expect to see him before the postseason.

Now, this isn’t a concrete report but it’s pretty much what everyone has been thinking all along. Harvin was always going to try and make his debut against the Minnesota Vikings, his old team who traded him this offseason, and Seattle was going to just make it up from there. It was wildly misleading to see Harvin play against the Vikings and then get sidelined again but the Seahawks have a long term plan that very much includes Harvin being healthy.

In all honesty, it wouldn’t be that shocking to see Seattle shelve Harvin until the NFC Championship game or the Super Bowl as they’re a 11-2 team without him in the lineup. Harvin needs to be healthy to be useful to the Seahawks and they don’t need to risk his long term health to win games they’re likely going to win anyways without him.

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  • briwas101

    When we traded for Harvin I told all my fellow hawk fans that not only was it not a good trade, but that it would end up being the worst move of the offseason for the entire nfl and would end up as the worst trade in nfl history or at least one of the 3 worst.

    Harvin is always injured.

    Harvin is making insane money while the REAL SEAHAWKS who go out and win games for us make a lot less.

    Harvin is not a real seahawk and I can’t wait for him to be released or he retires.

    You suck, Percy.

    You only have one more catch than my 2 year old nephew this season.

    He will never stay healthy and contribute. He is the most expensive dead weight in the entire nfl.

    • Tony L. Castleberry

      Dude…take a pill. Yes, it is disappointing that he has not been able to get on the field much this year but if we do get him back in the playoffs he could be the player that puts us over the top for our first Super Bowl win and if that happens you will look like an idiot! Be mad when we are 8-8 and missing the playoffs while paying an injured Harvin. Not when we are 12-2 and probably still going to get him back when we will need him most.

      Did he sleep with your girlfriend or what?! Your anger here is just absurd!

  • Chester Earl

    I am ready to trade him away, I do believe he is a great WR, but in the best of seasons that mean play 12 games or in this case 1 game….. We seem to do great without him so let’s trade him for someone that can stay healthy…

    • briwas101

      Trading is not even an option.

      The seahawks guaranteed him $25.5 million dollars, if they trade him after this season then whatever guaranteed money that remains would automatically count against next year’s cap.

      The seahawks cannot save money by releasing or trading him until after his second season.

      Even after his second season with us we would still have dead cap space because of the guaranteed money, but it would be a few million less than if we keep him for his 3rd year. I’ve already looked into this.

      The seahawks made the biggest gamble in franchise history and it is a HISTORIC FAILURE