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Calvin Johnson: Lions' star WR will bounce back

There are few things that are a given in the world today, and Calvin Johnson being arguably the best football player in the world is one of them.

I have no doubts that the man they call “Megatron” is going to be okay, despite his sub-par performance on Monday Night Football earlier this week. And even though the Lions probably won’t make the playoffs, I have no doubts that Johnson is going to finish this year out strong.

I have no doubts that he’ll come back in 2014 and still be the most dominant receiver of our era, and I have no doubts that he’ll go first or second in every Fantasy Football draft in the world come next season.

I have no doubts about Calvin Johnson, and neither should you.

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One bad game does not a bad player make, and Johnson has had plenty of great games to negate what he did what he didn’t do in the Lions’ loss to the Baltimore Ravens on Monday. Remember, we’re still talking about the guy who has caught 569 footballs for 9,285 yards and 66 career touchdowns in just seven seasons.

Those seven season have come with the Lions, mind you. A team that has struggled to find constancy, with a quarterback, Matthew Stafford, who has struggled to find consistency. Johnson has won that organization games. Johnson has made some of the best plays from a wide receiver that the NFL has seen in years. Johnson puts people in the seats every single week, and he gets them on their feet every single week as well.

One could argue that without Johnson, the Lions could have never bounced back from their 0-16 season. Or, at least it would have taken much longer. He makes that team 10-times better than it really is, and without him, the Lions just aren’t the same organization.

Calvin Johnson is the Lions right now.

He’s arguably the best receiver the NFL has seen Randy Moss, if not Jerry Rice, and when all is said and done; Johnson may go down as the best ever.

Yes, he dropped a few critical passes in a game the Lions needed, but if there’s one player in this league that I’d expect to bounce back from that, it’s Megatron.

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