December 15, 2013; Oakland, CA, USA; Oakland Raiders head coach Dennis Allen looks on against the Kansas City Chiefs during the first quarter at Coliseum. Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Raiders Head Coach Dennis Allen 'will likely not be back as Raiders head coach'

Coming into the season, the Oakland Raiders seemed to be just trying to get their financial ship in order.  General Manager
Reggie McKenzie basically just worked to purge the roster of bad contracts and dead money, so the team has been pretty lean in terms of what they could put on the field.  Now, the Raiders are negotiating with Jared Veldheer to a long term deal as someone they can build around and could have the money to work to keep Lamarr Houston in Oakland as well.

One might have thought that Dennis Allen was safe due to the fact that he was stuck with slim pickings in free agency and making up for bad draft picks and trades from the past.  That does not appear to be the case if reports like this one from Eddie Borsilli, a producer at SiriusXM NFL radio holds to be true.

Given the talent on the field, the questions will inevitably be what did not work with Allen.  It would a be really tough sell to say that he simply did not win enough games.  Is there an issue between the coaching staff and general manager or are the Raiders simply hoping to make a bigger splash in terms of head coaches?  There will be a ton of questions forthcoming if this happens as the Raiders have been such an unstable situation with head coaches and this would certainly not help.

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  • Stanley Carr

    I am hoping this is true!

  • Glenn

    I hate the constant flux that this team always seems to be in. Instability is NOT conducive to winning teams. Is Gruden coming back?

  • PJ

    He needs to be fired. I hate the influx as well but 2seasons of 8-22 tells all. He has no common sense and blew this season when he pulled Pryor to only lose our 6th seed hopes by putting in mm who showed his worth in 5 games. Flynn was sent packing after 1 loss and DA refuses to use TP who had us in a playoff birth in 10 years due to DA and his pride!

  • PJ

    Gruden wants to much control as HC! But maybe? I hear Gannon is in talks? I like Rob Ryan and his no BS fire. Has a good D mind and passion! Al Saunders too if he will take the job. I read he turned it down. DA needs to go! I like what the staff has done so far, but DA is not ready to HC. We need a D minded coach with fire in his veins!

    • holy roller

      Gannon? Whats he gonna do, show the qb how to keep throwing the same damn pass until you set a record for ints at the super bowl? Never should have fired hue the mouth.

      • PJ

        Never should have traded Gruden either, but thats how we roll, pik em then kik em!

  • razkaz187

    Raiders need a different coach Dennis Allen isn’t the coach to lead this team two really crappy seasons hue Jackson was a better head coach than Allen in my opinion

  • Kenneth Adams

    I would like to have Tom Cable back he was the one that started the turn around along with Hue.

  • Hangtownie

    A coaching carousel always adds stability to any football team –
    So we hand DA the crappiest roster in the NFL, then blame him for losing. Sure he still is learning to, but he is not the main reason we are losing. I’d give him 1 more year

  • Jaysohn23

    I believe it is insane as well to fire DA. There is not one Pro Bowler
    on the team beyond maybe Taiwan Jones as a gunner on special teams.
    Also name 3 players are in the Top 5 at their position??? Can you name
    1? The only one I can think of is Marcel Reese at fullback. Name a
    first round draft pick that is producing? You have a coach trying to
    succeed with undrafted free agents and career backups. For those fans
    who always mention the 8 – 8 season of two years ago that was built on a
    team with no foundation and diminishing returns. Players like McFadden,
    Seymour, Kelly, Rout, Huff, Campbell, DHB, Schillens, Morrison and
    Murphy who are either now scrubs on other teams or not even in the
    league anymore. The organization had to be completely turn down to an
    expansion team level and rebuilt. There isn’t any coach in the history
    of football that could make a winning team out the roster as is. Next
    season comes the true test for McKenzie and Allen. If Big Mack gives
    Allen some players to work with then we can give him and honest

    • Chris Schroeder

      Absolutely agree. You can’t hand a sack of dog crap to a chef and tell him to make crème brûlée. It doesn’t work like that in the real world.