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Rob Gronkowski, the Christmas Elf

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Rob Gronkowski is known for being somewhat of a meathead, and I say that will all due respect to Gronk.

He’s a phenomenal football player, but he just comes across as your typical frat boy. Whether it be partying up in the club, hitting the beer bong, or hanging out with a porn star; that’s just the vibe that Gronk gives out.

Of course there’s also his football celebration, “The Gronk Smash”, but that’s just awesome.

Either way, it almost seems as if we’ve come to expect a certain persona and behavior from Gronkowski, but evidence has surfaced that would suggest he has a much different side.

Will Brinson of stumbled across a video of Gronkowski dressed up as a Christmas Elf at the Boston Children’s hospital. No, there are no shenanigans going down here, or at least the type that you may expect from Gronk.

No beer bong, no dancing (to be fair, he tore his ACL) and no porn stars. Just a professional football player having some fun with kids who can probably use a little bit of holiday spirit right now.

Thankfully, per Brinson, Patriots’ running back Stevan Ridley was able to capture some of the experience on Instagram. Enjoy:

Follow this link to Ridley’s Instagram video.

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