Oct 3, 2013; Dallas, TX, USA; A Dallas Stars fan cheers for the Stars during the third period against the Florida Panthers at American Airlines Center. The Panthers defeated the Stars 4-2. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Man carries pistol into Dallas Stars game (Photo)

Security at events around the country has been stricter lately as more and more acts of violence occur around the country occur. Metal detectors have become a regular part of attending sporting events. At Americans Airlines Center night Tuesday night, at a Dallas Stars game, a fan appears to have snuck a handheld gun in to the arena.

From Jody Dean of KLUV in Dallas:

A friend sent me this photo from Tuesday night’s Stars game at American Airlines Center. It was taken by a friend of his, showing a man seated on the end of the same row in the next section over. If you can’t see what she saw, look at the zoomed-n version (below). That would be the muzzle of an un-holstered gun shoved in his pants pocket. Even if the guy is in law enforcement that’s no way to carry a weapon, and we’re told you can’t carry into a professional sports event even if you have a CHL.

Living in Dallas and having attended an event at American Airlines Center on Monday night the day before I’m not too shocked. I believe there are walk through metal detectors at the arena, but more often then not it is up to someone with a wand.

I know when I walked in Monday night they just made me lift my hat, so with it being winter and having a coat on, they could ask you to stick your arms out and give you the eyeball check and not realize you’re packing heat. It is scary to think that someone could bring that into the venue and sit in such a way that it is likely pointed at another fan.

via Jody Dean of KLUV

via Jody Dean of KLUV

via Jody Dean of KLUV

via Jody Dean of KLUV

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