Adam Scott waves to the crowd after receiving the green jacket after winning the 2013 Masters. Photo Credit: Michael Madrid-USA TODAY Sports.

Augusta National gingerbread house (Photo)

Brian Wacker of recently posted a picture of a gingerbread house modeled after Augusta National’s famous clubhouse.  Check out the picture in Brian Wacker’s tweet via @AdamsGolfInc.

If I am going to critique the gingerbread house, I would say the landscaping is amazing and the clubhouse needs some work.  The frosting should be tighter around the edges of the clubhouse, and there should be a couple more beams coming down from the roof.  However, the landscaping is perfect, and the leaderboard is a nice touch that completes the work of art.

Speaking of gingerbread houses, does anyone ever eat them?  Unlike cakes, which are also works of art, gingerbread houses seem to be created to be looked at, and not eaten.  I think it stems from the frosting to gingerbread ratio.  There is usually too much frosting on the houses, and it isn’t the nice fluffy frosting, but rather the type that hardens.  Cake has fluffy frosting, and normally has a great bread to frosting ratio.  Just my opinion, so please let me know what you think.


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