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Former North Korean prisoner sends frightening letter to Dennis Rodman

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By now you’ve likely heard that former NBA player Dennis Rodman is in North Korea coaching their basketball team.

Rodman, for whatever reason, has developed a strange friendship with dictator Kim Jong Un (who oddly enough is a massive basketball fan). Lighthearted as that may seem on the surface, a former North Korean prisoner wanted Rodman to understand what exactly he was doing by associating with the leader, penning a bone-chilling letter which the Washington Post got their hands on:

I want to tell you about myself. I was born in 1982 in Camp 14, a political prison in the mountains of North Korea.

My crime was to be born as the son of a man whose brother fled to South Korea in the 1950s.

On orders of the guards in Camp 14, inmates are forced to marry and create children to be raised by guards to be disposable slaves. Until I escaped in 2005, I was one of those slaves. My body is covered with scars from torture I endured in the camp.

The letter goes into much more detail and is well worth a read, focusing on how Rodman could actually help the people of North Korea rather than making a spectacle of a silly event.

Of course, we’re dealing with Dennis Rodman here, so doing something practical and wise doesn’t seem very likely.


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