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Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman thinks Defensive Player of the Year belongs in Seattle


The Seattle Seahawks have the best defense in the NFL and they’re going to go down in history this year as one of the most dominant units ever. Richard Sherman is the face and voice of the Legion of Boom but he’s not going to take credit for being the best player on the best defense in football. Sherman spoke with the Seahawks official site on Friday and mentioned that he thinks Earl Thomas is the best player on the team and deserves Defensive Player of the Year.

But not only did he think that Thomas deserves the Defensive Player of the Year award, he thinks that if Thomas doesn’t get it, the award should still go to someone on the Seahawks defense.

“If there’s anywhere the Defensive Player of the Year should be it should be in Seattle,” Sherman said. “Whether it’s myself or Earl.”

There’s no question that The Legion of Boom is the talk of football and everyone in the game dreads the idea of having to play them. Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos showed a weakness against the San Diego Chargers last week and the idea that they’d struggle — in a cold weather Super Bowl — against the Seahawks is a very real possibility.

But the real question here is do the Seahawks deserve Defensive Player of the Year this year, even if it doesn’t go to Thomas? Richard Sherman seems to hunk so and so does rational thinking.

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