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Mike D'Antoni: 'We got to be a little lucky' to make playoffs

With Kobe Bryant out for another six weeks or so with a fractured leg, the postseason chances for the Los Angeles Lakers are looking even bleaker than they already were.

However, head coach Mike D’Antoni thinks that the Lakers still have a shot to make the playoffs, although it will take a little bit more than a lot of wins.

From ESPN,

“We got to be a little lucky and we got to start treading a little bit above .500 for a while, and if we can do that, then we may get some cavalry later on.”

Keep in mind that the Lakers are in the Western Conference, probably the toughest of the two conferences in the NBA. If the Lakers were in the Eastern conference, they would hold the fourth seed if the postseason were to begin today.

However, they are not, and D’Antoni knows how hard it really is in the West. Right now, the Lakers aren’t even in the playoff picture in their conference.

“It’s difficult every year,” D’Antoni said of the Western Conference. “The last two, three years, you win two more [games], you lose two more, you’re either 12th place or fifth place. That’s just the way the West is. It’s been that way for a number of years. There’s some really good teams, and you have to win the games that you’re favored, for sure, and you can’t kick any away.”

What do you think? Can the Lakers make the postseason without Kobe Bryant for the next month and a half? Leave a comment below.

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