Aaron Rodgers still at 'extraordinary risk' of further injury

Green Bay Packers fans were hoping that star quarterback Aaron Rodgers would be able to return to the team to help during their final playoff push, but he remains sidelined from the broken collarbone that he suffered earlier in the season.

With Rodgers returning to limited practice, there were hopes that he would be able to suit up for the final few weeks of the season, but he remains at risk of further injury and the doctors have yet to clear him.

The risk of Rodgers re-injuring himself is still serious enough that ESPN’s Chris Mortensen said he is hearing Rodgers is at an “extraordinary risk” of further injury if he were to play.

Mortensen wrote:

The news makes it hard to believe that Rodgers will be able to return during the regular season, but now there is even further doubt that he could return if the team reaches the playoffs.

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