Dec 22, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) looks down during overtime against the New York Giants at Ford Field. Giants beat the Lions 23-20. Mandatory Credit: Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Lions QB Matthew Stafford’s girlfriend tweets about booing fans, gets epic response

The Detroit Lions lost to the New York Giants in overtime. At end of regulation, the Lions fans were booing. It even prompted Lions head coach Jim Schwartz to turn and cuss at the fans.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford’s girlfriend took to Twitter to call out the fans for being unsupportive. Then she got an epic response from a fan who is clearly a trolling legend.

And the world class response:


Hat tip, and screen shot in case it gets deleted:



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  • Todd Schwartz

    She wouldn’t know who Stafford was unless he was a pro athlete

    • Fitz

      In all fairness, neither would you.

    • FreedomFromIgnorance

      Your point…?

      • Dak Broadbent

        His point should be obvious. She married the man for his money. If Stafford was a regular joe she wouldn’t think twice about him.

    • MagicJesus

      Change that to college athlete…
      They’ve dated since Georgia

      • Billy

        He still better make sure he gets that prenupt signed.

        • Dokter Lekter

          For sure.

    • Anthony

      Would you know Matt Stafford if he was not a pro athlete?

  • twelsh36446

    She doesn’t understand the frustration of Lions fans.after 60 years failures, so Stafford’s GF needs to just bug out.

    • Anthony

      She was just voicing her opinion for someone she cares about. I have no problem with this. Much to say if someone was booing yourself I would hope you have someone who cared enough about you to say something about others.

  • Flash

    This passes for wit with you? To paraphrase Cyrano, of wit you have none, and of letters, you only need three to describe you. A. S. S. I actively resent that you wasted my time with this obnoxiousness.

    • SheSaidSheSaid

      You must be Stafford’s little brother. Your boy is HUGE choker. Live with it. So are the Lions in general.

      • Flash

        WTH? I don’t even CARE if Stafford is or is not a ‘huge choker’ or about the Lions in general. The comment that this blogger is ‘celebrating’ is just not witty, it’s simply obnoxious. I’ll try to slow down even more if I need to in order for you to get the point, Spanky.

  • FreedomFromIgnorance

    That was hilarious. Stafford = overrated.

    • Eugene Debs

      Is he really “highly rated?”

      I know he was drafter high, but at this point, is he “highly rated?”

      • FreedomFromIgnorance

        It depends on the week.

      • Anthony

        I agree. I know he was a number 1 overall pick. But I don’t know that he really has that high of expectations. On a team that seems to not be disciplined.

  • Sean

    haha awesome reply not much you can say back to that! I feel the same way

  • Dave Smith

    She is with him for his moolah. He is with her for her boobie implants. Tale as old as time. Nothing to see here. Move on.

    • Blaser270

      Whatever you want to call it. He’s getting it and you’re not. Game over for you.

  • Bobby Bryant

    That was an ‘awesome’ reply? You’re kidding, right? That’s 12-year-old playground stuff. ‘oh YEAH? So’s your old man.’ Not ever remotely funny…certainly not click-worthy.

    • SheSaidSheSaid

      The Lions performed one of the biggest chokes in NFL history. If some stupid spouse wants to act irritated, then she can also explain why Stafford just doesn’t have the killer instinct, why he will NEVER be a top QB. Cutler and Rodgers were BOTH out for six/seven games, respectively. Lions should be 12-4. They SUCKED and deserve any criticism they get.

      • Bobby Bryant

        She didn’t ‘act irritated.’ She wondered why fans turned on their own team and booed them. I’ve never understood it either. Like they screw up on purpose? I can understand fans taking out their own unhappy, puny lives on booing a bunch of guys who are doing something for a living that they couldn’t begin to comprehend, but that doesn’t make it less pathetic. I have carried a soft spot for the Lions ever since the Alex Karras days, but no more. Their whiny fans deserve the club they have.

        • ryan

          The fans, who have spent decades following this tea, are booing because well-paid people who are supposedly well-trained are doing things on the football that indicates that they should not be so well-paid.Booing is one way to express your disgust and disapproval at the constant stream of errors we fans see from the Lions.

          It’s football, not quantum mechanics, Bobby. You must live in a closet if you think football is a complicated activity. It really isn’t, especially not for people who have been playing it for most of their life.

          • Blaser270

            About like the cowboy fans… Not much to see unless you’re into self abuse.

          • Bobby Bryant

            I was a Division I college player, so I’m aware of the ‘uncomplicated nature’ of football. (You don’t really know the game if you think it’s uncomplicated.) From what I see, the fault lies with the coaching staff and the front office more than with the players. I didn’t expect ‘fans’ to agree with the concept of not booing, it’s been going on forever. It’s just stupid – not that that ever stopped anyone. (And I’m an Orioles and Redskins fan; I know plenty from pain and bad ownership.) :)

          • ryan

            Booing a pointless, but cathartic behavior. Since fans cannot fire coaches or cut players they can only express their disproval in two ways: not going to games or booing. It isn’t stupid. What is stupid is thinking that football is so complex that players continuously make gaffes even though other teams do not make the same mistakes over and over again. Rote action should make these mistakes unlikely.

            It’s everyone’s fault. To not blame the players when they are the ones making the infield errors is ridiculous. These are trained professionals who should know what to do. However, it is the fault of the coaches for not doing a better job of coaching and the front office for hiring inept players and coaches.

        • David Smits

          Well, you are not a lifelong lions fan that has to deal with DECADES of mediocrity. I like Stafford, but booing a team that we pay for ( figure out who actually pays an athletes salary) is a right. Lion’s ownership is the real problem here. Ford has no idea how to run a winning franchise. Proof is in the record.

          • Bobby Bryant

            No, I’m not. I’m a Redskins fan and an Orioles fan, so I know of bad ownership and frustration. But turning on the club and booing the TEAM doesn’t help – nor would it be something I’d want to do, because if I’m THAT frustrated, I turn them off, or leave, and go do something more enjoyable, like rake the leaves. :)

      • Flash

        Never mind about my slowing down for you, Bobby already tried explaining and you still focus on Stafford, which is not the point either Bobby and I were making. But your boorishness is consistent with the idea; this blogger has that the response from the prior ‘fan’ was ‘epic’ when it was NOTHING of the sort. You must be his little brother. Face it, this blogger is a CHOKE ARTIST when it comes to assessing with. You’re apparently even way behind him.

      • Dokter Lekter

        The only one that really counted was Rodgers. Cutler is just another Romo. Melt when its time to get real. Sort of sounds like Manning the Mummy…

  • Anthony

    As a former Athlete I say “Boo” the home team all you want. Professional Athletes that is they do get paid. Though before I am super judgmental of an athlete not making a play. I remember why I am sitting on my couch watching them and they are on the field “making or not making plays” because the talent is there.

    I am a Director of Sales with an organization and there are many people that I wish I could boo at them at my workplace because they are awful at their job. I refrain though. Back to my point Boooo all you want lol.

    • Brian McClellan

      former athlete where? internet expert alert

  • kneesus

    Booing your team always helps them win in OT. Good job Detroit!

    • Chalie00

      Having a dumb*** coach that has no faith in his team to get into field goal range with 30 seconds to go and two time outs certainly had nothing to do with it. They were booing the coach’s decision not their team.

  • Fat Clemenza

    Does GoBlueEverything “follow” Kelly Hall’s tweets?
    (#rhymes with romo)

  • gemiinii

    It’s kinda like saying “you wouldn’t even know I work at the same company as my boss, the way he criticizes me when I screw up.”

  • Jared Karl

    When did this become about why they are together? its a funny tweet thats all

  • realistic85

    Best tweet ever… Well played sir. Well played.

  • Guest

    please understand many of us our long time die hard fans. we love the lions! Booing is just a way to express frustration, I do not think Stafford should take it so personally, shake it of, more people love him than he knows!

  • Jason Adams

    Her home team is the Cowboys.

  • Jason Adams

    Stafford and a fourth round pick for Tony Romo and a second round pick? The money adds up. I would do it if I were the Cowboys or the Lions. I think it would be a boon for both teams.

  • Matthew David Edson

    epic? its not like its creative. that joke was said way too often when scott mitchell played for us.

  • disqus_J

    I clicked on this link expecting an “epic” response. The only thing that was epic was how much the tweet failed to meet its hype. Yawn.

  • Tommy Tutone

    The Detroit Lions were 6-3 after nine games, with a clear path to the division title since the Green Bay and Chicago starting QBs were both hurt and out for a long time. The Lions parlayed that 6-3 record into a 7-9 finish, missing not only the division but the playoffs completely. That last home game was the game that officially knocked the Lions out of the playoffs. They played a lifeless game which was exacerbated by truly head-scratching strategy by the coaching staff. The Lions have one one playoff game in about 50 years; their fans deserve to be able to boo whenever and wherever they want.

    • Dokter Lekter

      I thought the point was his mouthpiece GF. If he doesn’t have the balls to tell her to stfu…Just wait until she gets stuff legal. Never, Never, Never get married while a pro athlete and still playing. If she can’t wait…tell her to get on down the street. There will be 500 waiting in the wings tossing G-strings unless you look like Manziel… in his case only 100.

  • WhiteIsRight

    Jesus could quarterback this team but who cares…write my name down the Lions new coach and the retained staff from the last 5 years will have a record of: 2014: 4-12; 2015: 6-10; 2016: 2-14; 2017: 7-9; 2018: 8-8; 2019: 4-12. Bet on it!!!!!

  • Lil Pontoon