Nov 13, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Houston Rockets guard Jeremy Lin (7) during the fourth quarter against the Philadelphia 76ers at Wells Fargo Center. The Sixers defeated the Rockets 123-117. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Houston Rockets, Brooklyn Nets talked trading Jeremy Lin, Omer Asik for Deron Williams

This past week has been filled with plenty of trade rumors throughout the NBA with Omer Asik being the biggest name talked about, but he wasn’t the only Houston Rockets player to be mentioned in trade talks. Jeremy Lin was rumored to be being shopped for the right price and the right team and according to ESPN New York reporter Ohm Youngmisuk, the Rockets had preliminary talks with the Brooklyn Nets about swapping Omer Asik and Jeremy Lin for Deron Williams.

Youngmisuk states that talks really didn’t go anywhere but the indeed took place following the Nets losing big man Brook Lopez for the entire season with a broken foot. There’s really two sides to this story as the Rockets have made it no secret that they want to trade Asik and are clearly shopping Jeremy Lin as well.

Brooklyn apparently never took the trade talks seriously, because even they could see the swap was ridiculous. But the ice of trading a big offseason acquisition or even Deron Williams in the wake of Lopez’s injury is something Youngmisuk says Brooklyn should consider. With no draft picks, no future and little hope this year, the Nets need to do something, but giving up on this experiment this early on in the process isn’t something that is being considered.

Houston will likely remain active in the trade market with Asik and Lin being dangled on a string to the other teams in the NBA. Both will likely be moved before the deadline but their monster contracts will make things very hard to do that.

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  • Tim Nguyen

    Nets would be a great fit for Lin….he could start, play around veterans who won’t command the ball as much (Pierce, KG)….a surprise dark horse team but nonetheless a good fit….

  • timassin

    The nets have no hope without lopez, hes the only one who can get a basket. That team would be brutal to be on, all old players who can’t win or play anymore.

    • johnbrownraider

      they sucked with him.

  • johnnymac

    make the TRADE….then you can hire JERRY SLOAN as the coach……start cleaning the house 1 at a time, KG, PIERCE, JOHNSON……. and last but not least JKIDD……. its time brooklyn, start over again, these guys SUCK. bring linsanity back.

    • golder1

      Bring Lin back and continue to lose. This trade wont make them better,

    • vinceNYC

      get 71 year old jerry sloan who never won a thing……..winning and losing far less relevant than being profitable

    • Dixie Normous

      WHY do you CAPITALIZE random words for NO reason . It makes YOU look pretty retarded.

  • Bob Lyle

    I’d make that trade. Deron Williams is a ME FIRST player. Nets would do much better with Lin and Asik.

    • golder1

      D.Will is not a me first player and they will not do better with no defense Lin, and no offense Asik

      • Cypher10101

        No defense Lin just shut down Tony Parker, which makes you no brain golder.

        • Renjr84

          Yet he let Reggie J light him up

    • Super_Hero

      I agree but Lin is a me first player as well. If Lin isn’t controlling the ball, he is pretty useless.

  • johnbrownraider

    I’d trade for Lin and Asik but I’d trade Paul Pierce for him, I punched it into the trade machine works fine. That gives D Will and those creaky ankles a good backup/starter and also you can rent Asiks for a 1 1/2 years until you are sure Lopez is back. I think Lin would excell with the Nets b/c he is best when he plays with the ball in his hand. Joe Johnson, KG work best when they are set up.

  • Edgar Darrell

    A trade for Asik is what I have been pushing for’ but for the Knicks not the Nets I would offer Chandler If Lin can be included, great, maybe JR can go. Chandler is injury proned.

  • Anakin Flow

    ill def make that trade … deron williams is mad overated … i lost mad respect for him after last yr playoff round agains thte bulls when he let kirk hinrich lock him up for a whole 4th qt. in game 2 …. like really dawg ? you suppose to be a perennial all-star … one of the elite pgs like cp3 and tony parker and you let kirk hinrich who was playhing with a ailing knees lock you up?

    • Alfred A. Fuentes III

      D. Will definitely not the same person once he left Utah. He was a bad man there. Now, he’s just an above average point guard. He wouldn’t do Htown any good. No way would Harden mesh with him. Two ball controllers on the same team. m/

  • johnnymac

    make the trade….. bring linsanity to brooklyn….. and unload DWILL, once you do that… jerry sloan, and get him in here to bring a professional franchise back into the NBA. DO IT, DWILL is DAMAGED GOODS

  • Arthur J Beezwax III

    Heck no Rockets……. Williams is shot. The Nets would be ripping you off big time.