Dec 8, 2013; Landover, MD, USA; Washington Redskins fans watch from the stands against the Kansas City Chiefs at FedEx Field. The Chiefs won 45-10. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Redskins fan gets thrown down stairs during Cowboys-Redskins game (Video)

The Dallas Cowboys eked out a crucial win over the Washington Redskins on Sunday but the battle on the field wasn’t the only one going on inside the stadium. During the game some guy wearing a ‘Dallas Sucks’ shirt found himself on the wrong side of the appointed stadium law and wound up getting tossed down some stairs before being tossed out of the game.

According to fans that were near the incident, including the fan who uploaded footage of the incident to Vine, the fan was making a scene by cursing.

It’s likely that he was cursing at something on the field and it’s surprising that fans around him didn’t join in as there hasn’t been much to not curse at in Washington this season. Fans can usually be unruly at sporting events, especially fans in the nose bleeds who bought cheap tickets and have a fat stack of beer money left over.

The fact that he’s wearing a ‘Dallas Sucks’ shirt somehow makes this more enjoyable, even though it occurred at FedEx Field and not in Dallas, however that might have made this the greatest Vine video ever. Still, being tossed down a flight of stadium stairs doesn’t look fun and the guy in the coat who caught the our ‘Dallas Sucks’ character wasn’t the only Redskins fan who sympathized with him.

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  • Joe D. Ramirez

    I was at the game… I was in section 451, I was immediately in front of the the guy who fell down the steps and his other rowdy friends… also I am the former senior writer of The Landry Hat, one of the Fansided sites.

    The individuals who were causing the ruckus were using foul language outside of the context of the game and while they were being obnoxious (We hate Cowboys fans, we paid $749 for season tickets, etc.), they were also being disrespectful to the fans at the game, many of which were Cowboys fans. They made homophobic remarks regarding Jason Witten and mentioned crass terms for men’s genitalia throughout the first quarter, all within ear shot of a 10ish year old boy and my daughter who was next to me, a 10 year old girl.

    Eventually their “rowdiness” simply became unacceptable and I turned around and told them to, “Take it down a notch.” They responded with mockery by cleaning up their language… which was fine.

    Other fans in the crowd complained about the behavior of these atypical Redskins fans and they were warned by security to curb their language and be more respectful, especially of the kids.

    At the half I went to get my family some food and members of their party (not necessarily or specifically the “gentlemen” who took the quick route down the stairs) began to be abusive to my wife. They were cowards to wait until I wasn’t in ear shot. My wife didn’t apprise me of their added behavior until we were home. There would have been a much different video posted if I was aware.

    Having said that, she did the mature thing and contacted security. Upon her return with the security guards in tail, two of the offenders had already left. who indicated that they “fans” are to be removed. The two who remained refused to leave stating that they would have to be dragged out of their seat. The security guards brought in police officers who lifted the “fans” from their seat and escorted them from the section.

    In the fourth quarter the two returned. Their behavior wasn’t better, but it only involved one use of profanity. Evidently their return was not sanctioned by Stadium security as the guard quickly returned (without prompting from fans) and again escorted the “fans” from their seats. Again the “fans” were being obstinate and entirely uncooperative which lead to what is seen in the video.

    I believe the efforts by the Stadium Guards and the police officers were well within reason and their very presence alone prevented what could have been a significantly exacerbated situation.

    • Chris

      Mr Ramirez, I was at the game and this idiot was sitting next to me. It
      was all I could do to not engage these punks. As a man it took a LOT of
      restraint on your part to do the right thing and let security handle the
      situation. In addition to your wife going to security, my girlfriend
      texted the help line before the first visit from security and also
      second time and they were very responsive and professional.

      I am not sure if you know, but with every advance the
      Redskins made, they would slap hands with everyone around them and then
      he would hold his hand over your head as if ready to hit you. Rest
      assured my friend, he would have gotten quite a surprise from his right
      side had he followed through. I am sorry you and your family had to
      endure these morons and hope you enjoyed him bouncing down the steps. I
      know I did (via the video). I also hope you enjoyed our Cowboys win.

      To anyone else reading this: These guys were extremely drunk,
      belligerent ,taking food off of peoples plates, smacking the heads of a
      Dallas fan in front of me, directly insulting me. They were
      SCREAMING “F every Dallas fan I hate them” along with other gems. They
      warned once by security and were then removed by the police but this

      They were walking in as we were leaving at the beginning of the 4th quarter and the security
      guards were heading back up to remove them. When the security came back
      to remove them (the first time) I heard them say “They are going to
      have to remove us. We are not going out of here without a fight”. These
      guys were COMPLETELY HAMMERED and a threat to those around them .