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Wife rats out husband's illegal $600K Super Bowl pools

Know the idiom “hell hath no fury like a woman socrned?” Well one New Yorker didn’t and he is learning the hard way. A woman was upset with her football-obsessed husband spending all his money gambling instead of on their children.

From the New York Post:

“How can the SLA allow a $1 million illegal football pool at Talk of the Town?” the angry spouse wrote the State Liquor Authority on Nov. 13.

“My husband spends all his money on these pools and not on our children.”

The SLA investigated and barged into the Christmas party last Sunday and snapped photos of pool boards taped behind the bar.

SLA lawyers are now reviewing whether to slap the owner, Larry Burkert, 55, with violations carrying a typical fine of $2,500 for a first offense. The bar has told patrons the pools are dead and bettors will get ­refunds, sources said.

It is interesting that they’re getting refunds. You’d think money and other gambling related items would’ve been seized as evidence. Maybe the bar is refunding out of their pocket but the dollar amount seems too high for that.

[The bar] has been running Super Bowl pools for decades — like thousands of other bars in New York City. Its friendly barkeeps sell “boxes” to mostly blue-collar and civil-servant patrons for six different pools.

One pool goes for $2,000 a box, bringing in a total of $200,000. Two pools are worth $100,000 each, and four are $50,000 each.

Betting pools between friends and offices or bars are largely overlooked usually. That is because the contests are random and “the house doesn’t profit. This Bar’s fatal error was taking 10 percent off the top.

Dick's Sporting Goods presents "Hell Week":

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