Dec 20, 2013; Denver, CO, USA; Phoenix Suns guard Goran Dragic (1) passes the ball during the first half against the Denver Nuggets at Pepsi Center. Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

NBA Trade Rumors: Sacramento Kings could acquire Goran Dragic from Phoenix Suns

NBA trade rumors are swirling at the moment and while talks surrounding Omer Asik has died down significantly, trade talk around the NBA hasn’t. The names are constantly changing but right now it’s a free for all when it comes to teams inquiring about possible trades. We saw this with the Houston Rockets asking the Brooklyn Nets about a Deron Williams trade and we can continue to expect these kind of inquires around the league.

ESPN NBA insider Chad Ford has a chat session today in which he was asked which teams could be having fire sales this winter and one of the teams mentioned was the Phoenix Suns. According to Ford, he believes that everyone except Eric Bledsoe could be shopped by the Suns and that includes the team possibly moving Goran Dragic to the Sacramento Kings.

The Kings have shown an interest in Dragic but that hardly means the Suns will just flip him for nothing. Dragic has played well for the Suns and moving him would require a fairly decent package in return. But the Kings are looking to go all-in on getting good now and they could flip a lot to get Dragic to anchor their roster they’ve stitched together.


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  • Ben

    FYI mate, Eric Gordon is at NO. Phoenix has Eric Bledsoe :)

  • Paul

    You oviously have no idea what you are talking about. Eric Gordon is on the Pelicans. And why would the Suns have a fire sale when they are currently in playoff contention.

  • Akaash Sharma

    Buddy I think you meant Eric BLEDSOE! Might wanna fix that.

  • Jeremy Paulison

    Suns are playing great and looking to use their assets (draft picks) to acquire an impact player, NOT trade an impact player for more assets…

  • therza82

    As I was reading the article, or the sorry attempt at one, I thought this was written before the season started…Not today….When the Suns are 17-10, fifth place in the Western Conference, witj key wins versus Houston, Golden State, Portland x2 (Portland only has five total losses), Dallas, and the Nuggets x2, with one of the wins coming AT Denver in a game where Phoenix once trailed by 21 points.

    Dragic is only 27 years old. He is under contract until 2014-15, with an option for the following season. Phoenix, the team which drafted Goran, loves him, as do the fans, as does Goran love playing in Phoenix.

    Goran and Bledsoe form the best backcourt in basketball. The Suns not only have the luxury of having one really good point guard, they have two! The Suns always have at least one of the two in the game at all times. The offense doesn’t suffer like other teams do when their play maker is out.

    Phoenix has acquired a stockpile of first round draft picks over the next couple of seasons. On top of that, we have a significant amount of cap space. There isn’t a player on the team older than thirty, on top of that, we have Emeka Okafor and his expiring contract of $14.8 million, which will be incredibly valuable to a team seeking cap relief or to rebuild.

    The Suns aren’t trading Dragic or Bledsoe, I expect they aren’t keen on trading any rotation players, not unless the return is overwhelming. There really isn’t anyone on the Kings roster that the Suns would covet, except DeMarcus Cousins I would guess….Yet, I would think a 23 year old center that is 6’11, 270 lbs and averages 22.5 PPG/10.7 RPG/1 BPG on 50% from FG, and can make his free throws, has a midrange jumper, and has yet to hit his prime is off-limits.

    Sure, Rudy Gay would be a perfect fit for the Suns, but not for his salary this year or his nearly $20 million salary next year.

    Yes, I am sure that the Suns are willing to LISTEN TO OFFERS for anyone, after all they have the mix of young talent, cap space, a big expiring contract, and draft picks to acquire a legit superstar…But that doesn’t mean they pull the trigger…Not unless that player they are acquiring is Lebron James, Kevin Durant, or K-Love.

    • therza82

      Also, why would the Kings want Dragic? They already have Isiah Thomas at the point, who is awesome. At shooting guard, they just drafted Ben McLemore and Ray McCallum. They also are paying Marcus Thorton $8.5 million a year to ride the bench.

      • johnnymac

        Dragic is way better than issah thomas, or anyone else the kings have…. this kid can flat out play, and he has balls of steele…. he playes defense too, not like CPnoD

        • AceRuby

          Isiah Thomas is no slouch period he’s a near all-star level PG now. The Kings getting Dragic didn’t make sense to begin with honestly.

  • Dave Nantz

    He is arguably their best player. It doesn’t make any sense.

  • Dave Nantz

    I think Josh Hill used to be/still is a chick. Dude looks like a lezbo.

  • John

    This Josh Hill guy is a clown

  • ChineseCheckers

    What a dumb article, Dragic is not on the trade market at all.

  • Santos.R.Rivera

    Dragic for Felton with Beno go knicks

  • Santos.R.Rivera

    Kinicks are in need of a point, perfect trade Felton ,Beno or iman, now ,Please, wow that kids can play.

  • Santos.R.Rivera

    Heat win , now , now, Kinicks need a point, Felton is a back up……Dragic is perfect to play the point. Coach did not rotate or play the beach in the Heat game, he played six guys, Whatever he need to be let go. bring in Mr Jackson