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Is Daniel Bryan vs. Wyatt Family getting boring?

Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy Bray Wyatt, Roman, Harper and the whole dynamic that their faction brings to WWE television. Wyatt, at times, can be incredibly creepy, and his sidekicks have proven to be great workers in the ring. Their matches against Bryan and CM Punk were very good, and overall, the WWE told a good storyline between the five superstars.

When Punk turned his attention to The Authority and The Shield though, the feud started to lose some luster.

Yes, Wyatt was trying to get Bryan to “join the family” and yes, The Wyatt Family gave Bryan and others some memorable beatings; but all in all, haven’t we seen the same exact formula for the past few weeks?

Bryan, either by himself or with a team, takes on the Wyatts. They go on to have a brutal match, with the Wyatts controlling much of the pace and looking good, until D-Bry finds a way to rally, get the crowd behind him and go on a tear. Then, just as he looks to be in control and nearing a win, the Wyatts throw their weight around and Bray ends up hitting sister Abigail. The match ends with Bray on his knees laughing at the sky, and then the screen cuts  to the creepy sheep promo piece; and that’s it.

Either that or somebody, most likely Bryan, gets attacked backstage by the Wyatts (see Smackdown last week).

Somehow though, despite all these beatings and the “brainwashing” from the Wyatts, Bryan comes back each week with that same goofy smile on his face, and the same resilient attitude. Has this feud really gone anywhere?



The better question may be, will it go anywhere? With Bryan expected to have a huge role in the Royal Rumble coming up, won’t the WWE look to move him away from this feud? Or, will they somehow force the Wyatts into match to try to thwart his efforts?

Personally, I’d wonder if people even care.

We’ve seen this match over and over again, and the story line doesn’t seem to be going anywhere appealing. Either Bryan overcomes the Wyatts in John Cena-esque fashion or he turns heel and becomes a part of their family. The first option may essentially bury an up and coming group. The second would just be an idiotic move by the WWE.

Either way, this current storyline just feels boring, and that says a lot considering it involves Bryan. Yes, he’s put on some great matches and yes, he’s doing his part to put over the Wyatts; but Daniel Bryan may be better suited higher up the card in a more important feud.

And that’s especially true as the Royal Rumble and road to WrestleMania approaches.

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