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Detroit Lions will practice on Christmas

Jim Schwartz and the Detroit Lions will practice on Christmas day for their upcoming clash with the Minnesota Vikings, and why not?

Though there is nothing on the line, one can only imagine Schwartz and his team are anxious to get the losing taste out of their mouths, and Schwartz should do everything he can to save face and try to save his job.

Perhaps Schwart’z decision won’t go over well with the pro-Christmas crowd, but at least according to receiver Nate Burleson via Michael Rothstein of; the Lions don’t deserve the day off.

“We’ve got enough time to open presents,” Burleson said. “Do we really deserve a day off? You know what I’m saying. We get paid to play football. We’ve got to come in and practice.

“We still want to win this game, coaches still want to win this game, so he gave us some time off in the morning and we’re going to open up some presents with our family and then we’ll come back to work [Wednesday], which is what we should be doing.”

The time off Burleson is referring to will be Wednesday morning. According to Rothstein’s report, the Lions will have Christmas morning off and then will report for meetings and practice in the afternoon.

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