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John Fox: Broncos' coach sent home with flu symptoms

John Fox, Denver Broncos’ head coach, was sent home from Denver’s practice facility on Monday for medical reasons.

Thankfully, the reasons appear to have nothing to do with the open-heart surgery that he underwent earlier this year. Instead, it’s being reported that Fox, who has been on work leave because of said surgery, may be dealing with a case of the flu.

Jeff Legwold of reported on the situation.

“Just got a little bug, didn’t want to infect everybody,’’ Fox said. “Just to make sure I don’t infect everybody moving forward as we get ready for Oakland.’’

Fox then added:

“Came in this morning and (Antonopulos) didn’t mess around. I tried to blame it on our team dietician for a bad shrimp sandwich, but I think I’ve got some flu-like symptoms. I’m starting to feel better, even right now.’’

The flu tends to strike at this time of year right before the holidays. In fact, I just had a nasty 24 hour version of it a day or two ago, so let me tell you first hand, it’s nothing to mess around with.

That sentiment rings even truer when you’re talking about someone who is literally still weeks removed from an open-heart surgery. Fox needs to take it easy and allow his body to rest, so kudos to the Broncos’ trainer for  taking these flu-like symptoms seriously.

Those could be easy to shrug off, but the Broncos did the right thing by playing it safe. Both by Fox, and the team.

Nobody wants to get that bug heading into playoff season.

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