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2014 NFL Mock Draft: Johnny Manziel to Oakland Raiders?

The Oakland Raiders have lacked the swag and confidence that the proud franchise once possessed.

In 2013, they’re known more for their mistakes or the ever-revolving quarterback carousel than anything else, so the case could be made that drafting a quarterback in the 2014 NFL draft would be an option for Oakland.

Do they really believe Terrelle Pryor is the future of the organization? Though he can be explosive, he has thrown only five touchdowns compared to 11 interceptions in 2013. Matt McGloin is not much better. His interception total matches his touchdown total: eight each.

Quarterback could be the route to go for Oakland, but it’s not just about drafting a quarterback. It’s about drafting the right quarterback.

That’s why the latest mock draft from WatlerFootball.com is so interesting. The Raiders are picking No. 5 here, and they choose none other than Johnny “Football” Manziel.

The explanation is as follows:

Matt McGloin and Terrelle Pryor have both exceeded expectations and played well at times this year, but that can be attributed to offensive coordinator Greg Olson’s excellent coaching. Olson has gotten the most out of these two, as well as Josh Freeman and Chad Henne (Blaine Gabbert was a lost cause). Imagine what he’ll do with a legitimate franchise quarterback.

I’ve had Johnny Manziel all over my mock over the past few months, but I think the 4-15 range is right for him. Some team will be enticed enough to draft him. The Raiders just seem like the right fit for him. Al Davis would’ve loved having a quarterback with Manziel’s attitude on his team. Oakland is now very desperate for a franchise quarterback, so it may give Johnny Football a shot.

I love the pick.

Not only would this instantly restore confidence to the Raiders’ organization, but imagine how much more dynamic the Raiders’ offense would be with Manziel at the helm. Oakland does have some legitimate play-makers to put around him, and it’s hard to deny that Oakland would be a dangerous team with a legitimate quarterback running the show. It would take time, but I like building around Manziel.

Plus, imagine the excitement he would bring back to the franchise and its great fans.

Manziel could lead to a revival of the Raiders, and that’s good for the NFL.

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  • Chris Schroeder

    I’ve been singing that same song since he beat Alabama and won the heismen.

    Nice article, that would be awesome.

  • Bob

    Not going to happen.

  • jon bonez jonez

    Johnny coming to oakalnd will be exciting and automatically i think put us in playoff contension

  • Pridenpoise

    It’s a big risk, I would much rather see Carr taken if he’s there and if not Clowney.

  • Phil Mokate

    Nice article, I second that motion. I do think they need to draft a QB that won’t end up on the practice squad then signed elsewhere ,I also think TP deserves the chance to start and develop until he can show if he has what it takes. While JF sits behind him and learns from OUR NEW HEAD COACH, GRUDEN!

  • John

    Johhny M COME join us Bro we need you # Raidernation

  • johnnymac

    great kid….gonna sell billions of jerseys, but just a tad risky here, Johnny needs to go somewhere he can learn awhile before getting put into the fire…. he can be a productive player in the league, but its gonna take some time. he’s like Joe Montana….and you know he’s got heart.

    • JTBlack

      Johnny is no Montana. Montana was not flamboyant and a show off. Montana kept his mouth shut and played the game.

      Having said that I do agree that he needs to learn a bit, preferably from a team that has strong veteran leaders and a coach that takes no BS. That way he can learn to be a pro and take his game to the next level.

      If he fails to get that type of situation he will not last in the league very long. His attitude combined with his play style will get him hurt.

  • iceman4

    greg olsen is excellent? lol Many feel he should be fired. he’s way too conservative and predictable and so far isn’t a good OC.

    Johnny Manziel isn’t small; he’s tiny compared to what the NFL has. He would get destroyed running so much.

    He throws off his back foot; sideways and in every way but how you should throw. He’s a college football gimmick; and if he’s 6 1″ then Al Davis is still with us. Many of the spread QB’s in the NFL struggled this year because they were made to throw.

  • Bob Schauer

    Johnny Football would fit right into the Raiders bad boy image…another punk.