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Mike McCarthy says Aaron Rodgers has been under stress

One can only imagine the real burden of being Green Bay Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

I’m not being sarcastic at all. Yes he makes a lot of money and lives a life many of us wish we could, but he’s also under some real pressure as quarterback of the Packers.

Remember, we’re talking about the Green Bay Packers here. We’re talking Bart Starr, Vince Lombardi, Reggie White and Brett Favre. We’re talking a list of greats that inspire awe and a tradition that border lines on religion.

We’re talking Lambeau field and yearly Super Bowl expectations.

That’s the type of pressure that the Green Bay Packers play under, and none probably feel it more than the quarterback.

In order to win the Super Bowl one has to make the playoffs though, and the Packers still have a chance despite not looking all that good without their starting quarterback. Rodgers hasn’t been able to do anything just watching on the sidelines, and knowing the expectations of this team, that has got to be hard.

With the success of a great franchise riding on his shoulder—or collarbone—the Packers’ signal-caller has been under stress, according to head coach Mike McCarthy. The Packers’ coach announced today that Rodgers will start this weekend’s pivotal matchup with the Bears, but he also admitted that Rodgers has been feeling the stress, according to Lindsay H. Jones of USA TODAY Sports:

“I’m excited. I feel good for Aaron. I don’t think people understand the stress that he’s been under,” McCarthy said.

“We were holding him out of the game, and that’s tough. That’s a tough thing to go through, especially at this extent. Especially with Aaron Rodgers, we’re talking about the best player in football. Yeah, I feel good about it.”

Without a doubt, the pressure will be on Rodgers this Sunday.

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Not only will he be returning from a huge injury against the team that injured him, but the playoffs are on the line. The winner of this game will win the NFC North and earn a trip to the 2013 NFL playoffs.

The loser will undoubtedly feel the pressure that comes along with the high expectations of being the Bears or Packers.

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