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Redskins' WR Josh Morgan playing for pride

Have you ever wondered how NFL players are able to motivate themselves despite having absolutely nothing worth playing for in regard to the playoffs or Super Bowl?

That’s the goal of every team and player, so just how do guys go out there and strap up those helmets knowing that nothing is on the line?

According to Washington Redskins wide receiver Josh Morgan, it’s all about the brotherhood of team. John Keim of reports Morgan’s thoughts:

“The bond that’s created in the NFL is between your teammates, and that’s brotherhood. Those are the people you end up talking to years down the road. When you retire you still see them, you still got that bond. Blood, sweat, tears, broken fingers, broken bones, playing with screws in your body. You do that for your teammates, we just enjoy that bond with your teammates … regardless of the situation, regardless of the uncertainty, regardless of the coaches.”

Even in today’s fame and cash motivated society, the love of the game is still alive and well in the NFL.

How can you blame players and coaches for being addicted to it? We as fans eat it up each and every single Sunday, and it’s not even our job to do so. Imagine just how much it means to step between the lines for these players who grew up dreaming about playing on an NFL field like many of us used to do.

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They get the chance to live out those dreams, and in places like 3-12 Washington, that pride and brotherhood is worth playing for. Morgan also plays for the city he represents according to Keim’s report:

“It’s always added motivation being from here, I take so much pride putting that helmet on and putting that jersey on,” Morgan said. “I always let my city motivate me. I play for the pride of my city, for the pride of my family, play for God, play for my teammates. I never let nothing else take my motivation away.”

Hearing quotes like this just may change the perception of fans who wouldn’t even bother tuning in to a game like this Sunday’s; which will featured the 3-12 Redskins and the 6-9 New York Giants.

Nothing is on the line, but for guys like Morgan; everything is.

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