Oct 5, 2013; Tallahassee, FL, USA; Florida State Seminoles head coach Jimbo Fisher before the start of the game against the Maryland Terrapins at Doak Campbell Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

Jimbo Fisher and Art Briles at 'forefront' of Texas Longhorns coaching search

It’s been 13 days since Mack Brown resigned after 16 largely successful seasons in Austin as the head coach of the Texas Longhorns and there has been no shortage of candidates mentioned as potential successors to the most valuable football program in the nation, according to Forbes.

Art Briles

Mack Brown and Art Briles at Floyd Casey Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

However, two candidates have managed their way to the front of the line according to Bobby Burton of Horns247:

“Two coaches remain at the forefront of the race. They are Florida State’s Jimbo Fisher and Baylor’s Art Briles. Neither coach has said much publicly about the Texas position because both are preparing for BCS games. Briles leads Baylor into its first-ever BCS contest in the Fiesta Bowl while Fisher readies for the national championship game, which is almost two full weeks away.”

As Burton mentions, both coaches are preparing their respective teams for BCS bowls–something Texas hopes to return to in 2014–so don’t expect any movement on this matter until after Baylor plays on New Year’s Day in the Fiesta Bowl and Fisher’s Florida State Seminoles finish their game vs. the Auburn Tigers in the BCS Championship Game.

Each of these two candidates recently signed extensions to remain with their university, but would that preclude from either from interviewing for the job?

Stay tuned as the coaching search is going to heat up after bowl season wraps up.

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  • DoodyDoo

    jimbo is not leaving fsu..thats a pipe dream..why leave a heisman qb and nc team? texas is an avg program now

    • mg

      You’re a fool. After next year Florida State is done. Texas can only move up. With your near sighted logic, why leave a one year wonder, for long term dominance and endless cash.

      • DoodyDoo

        texas has been done since colt mccoy left…FSU is a step up in my opinion…texas hasn’t dominated anything, but has been dominiated by OU…Jimbo is not going to texas..sorry, it’s not all about money…We can pay Jimbo handsomely and he will keep winning titles at FSU…time for you steers to realize you’re not all that

        • dinkyphelps

          Has Fisher even won his first title yet? DoodyDoo, you make it out to sound like he is piling them up at FSU, when the fact remains, they haven’t won anything yet. Don’t overlook Auburn. Yeah, they have been lucky, but they are not push over, and are a lot better team than the cream puffs down in your guys conference.

          • William Bailey

            Jimbo signed his extension this AM…Done deal! Contracts are broken every day but the timing shows Jimbo’s commitment to FSU. Noles are loaded for 4+ years Look at the recruiting! He is having a field day in Florida! #1 QB and #3 RB committed this week. Shortsighted Dinky? Texas is in a weak conference and TAMU will outrecruit UT with the SEC factor. Facts are facts…..and oh by the way, Auburn can’t cover a parked car! Go Noles!

          • $Bill

            Stop all the what if’s and idiot talk. Every coach will make a decision based on all advantages vs disadvantages to each situation period. Contract $, facilities, family,recruits, fan base, admin backing. and gut feeling…. You naysayer just shut up already period.

      • ags4ever

        florida state has had one of the most successful programs in the NCAA since the late 1960s. In fact, IIRC, they’ve been involved in more top ten matchups in regular season play that t.u., and have finished with more national championships than texas.

        As “doodydoo” points out, t.u. has been dominated by OU, and even Oklahoma State, Iowa State (when the referees don’t give games to t.u.) and Baylor have been beating t.u. regularly in recent years.

        Jimbo has recently signed a contract extension with FSU, meaning that he is likely to stay at FSU.

  • ags4ever

    Baylor’s Art Briles should have no reason to transfer to texas. He’s got a successful program going at baylor, is moving into a new stadium in 2014, and has been outrecruiting texas (and everyone else in texas except A&M) for several years now.

  • Dexter McQueen

    Todd Dodge Enough Said. He can recruit all over Texas and they will come.