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Tiki Barber firing shots at Giants’ Eli Manning again

I like to lump former New York Giants running back Tiki Barber in with Donovan McNabb in the bitter former players club. This week, Barber took a shot at current Giants quarterback Eli Manning during an interview on WFAN in New York City.

He was asked if Manning is a great quarterback, the two-time Super Bowl champion is struggling this season and has thrown a career high 26 interceptions.

“He’s done great things, but he doesn’t do it consistently,” Barber said, via the New York Daily News. “What makes someone great in the history, in the annals of an organization or a league? It’s consistency. . . . The problem with Eli, as of late, I think, is there’s something physically off. There’s definitely a confidence issue.”

It is interesting coming from a running back who had a hard time holding on to the ball, especially early on in his career. Barber put the ball on the turf 53 times in his career, including 45 times in a six-year span in the middle of his career.

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  • tym2go


  • scott tourville

    Unreal, Did you actually listen to the entire interview? Everything he said was 100% accurate and if it came from Phil Simms, Carl Banks or Harry Carson it would not be news.

  • Robert Campbell

    Manning’s chief problems are an unimaginative offensive schema, a porous offensive line and ever-changing roster of recceivers-especialy at the Tight End position. Eli’s best production comes during two-minute offense and when he is audibling the plays. Gilbride’s offense is one that is highly predictable and to the testament of opposing defensive coordinators throughout the NFL- easy to prepare for and defend against. Manning’s interception rate corresponds to the rate of hit and sacks (this season it is 36 to 26-most in the NFL). Eli Manning is no Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, but the again Brady and the other Manning are no Eli. Watch the NFC Championship game in San Francisco of two years ago and you will she a quarterback who was hit 23 times and still maintained the composure and intestinal fortitude to win that game in hostile environment against one of the best defenses in league. Peyton and Brady are two quarterback who if get hit in the mouth have a tendency to fold, as evidenced by their combined last three Super Bowl performances. Manning’s return to Elite status will be predicated on the Giants’ ability to find a new OC that can tap into Manning’s read ability and throwing ability. Until that happens looks for the current trends and patterns to remain the same.