Colt Cabana dishes on CM Punk's "Pipe Bomb" promo

Colt Cabana is an independent wrestler who dabbles in the art of stand up comedy. Coincidentally enough, he’s also CM Punk’s best friend.

Punk, aka the best in the world, is a huge WWE star who has gained notoriety for his great in-ring work and brash promo skills. Punk isn’t afraid to buck the system and he isn’t afraid to say what’s on his mind, so he’s become a huge fan favorite in the WWE.

Some would say that he’s this era’s Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the comparisons are pretty accurate. Some also say that his career really took off when he delivered the now wildly famous “Pipe Bomb” promo; where he sat down on the ramp, addressed John Cena and the WWE universe; and basically aired his grievances with the company and owner Vince McMahon.

It was truly one of the greatest moments in wrestling history, and Punk dropped his good buddy Cabana a line in the process; thus making him part of history as well.

During the promo, Punk looks to the camera and says hey to Cabana;who was part of WWE developmental, but didn’t make it for some reason or another. That moment not only solidified Cabana’s name in wrestling history, but it brought him a ton of attention.

Cabana talked about the moment recently with Troy L. Smith of

CM Punk did the most memorable promo in the past 20 years of wrestling to 4 million people watching at home and I’m sure millions more who watched it online. If even 10 percent of the people who watched it scratched their heads and looked me, that’s a whole lot of people. At the time he did that promo I had a lot of different projects going and things that I was very proud of including my podcast. I always say you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make the horse drink s***** water. I like to think I had some great tasting water. Since that time a lot of people have come to check me out and stayed on for the ride. It’s been great having those people as fans.

You can count me as one of Cabana’s current fans, and even though it may have been Punk who got me there, it’s Cabana who keeps me a fan.

His podcast, The Art Of Wrestling With Colt Cabana, is literally a must-listen for WWE or wrestling fans in general. Not only is he a funny guy to listen to, but he has on some great guests and they just talk about wrestling.

For a nerd like me, it’s well worth listening to.

Thanks, Punk, for introducing me to Cabana.

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