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Are the Green Bay Packers a team of destiny?

Destiny is a word that’s thrown around far too often in the world of sports, and it’s a word that really tends to emerge during this time of the year.

With bowl games starting up and the NFL playoffs right around the corner, every contender has that funny feeling that perhaps, just perhaps, there’s more to it than the hard work, practice and skills they posses. Maybe, just maybe, the football gods are smiling down upon their team.

Maybe, destiny is on their side.

The Green Bay Packers certainly seem to have at least luck on their side in 2013, considering starting quarterback Aaron Rodgers—arguably the best player in the world—went down in Week 9 and we haven’t seen him since. Even though his team went 2-5-1 without him and the NFC North division was basically handed to the Lions and then the Bears; somehow the Packers can still win the North this weekend and make it to the playoffs.

Rodgers is coming back for this clash, and Packers fans, and media, feel very good about this Green Bay team if and when it does make the playoffs.

Add Rodgers to an offense that was already productive with Eddie Lacy at running back, a proven star like Jordy Nelson and a few emerging receivers like Jarrett Boykin and Andrew Quarless; and there truly is reason to fear the Pack in the playoffs.

In fact, columnist Jeffri Chadiha really sang the Packers praises in his column:

As much as people want to ponder the outcome of Green Bay’s regular-season finale with theChicago Bears – a contest that will determine the NFC North champion on Sunday — there really isn’t much to debate now. The Packers have arguably the best quarterback in the league back under center. The Bears had a chance to win their division outright last Sunday night, right before the Philadelphia Eagles beat them 54-11. You can talk about the possibility of anything happening in a rivalry game all you want. There is no way the Packers lose this game on Sunday.

 The more intriguing question is what they are capable of once the playoffs begin. Even in a stacked NFC, there isn’t a team that Green Bay can’t beat with Rodgers in the lineup. They were 5-2 before he broke his collarbone in a 27-20 loss to Chicago on Nov. 4, with both losses coming on the road to playoff teams (a 34-28 defeat at San Francisco and a 34-30 loss at Cincinnati). They’ve also shown plenty of heart to stay alive the past three weeks, particularly in overcoming a 23-point halftime deficit in a 37-36 win over Dallas on Dec. 15.

The stars are lining up for Green Bay, and it all starts with the star who will line up under center.

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With Aaron Rodgers back, there’s no denying the fact that this team will be a dangerous draw in the playoffs. The Packers will have to beat the rival Chicago Bears first in order to punch their ticket to the dance, but if and when they get there; look out.

Destiny may not be on the Packers side, but No. 12 is.

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