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Jerry Jones repsonds to Mark Cuban saying he’d be crazy to fire Jason Garrett

Earlier in the week we heard Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban say that Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones would be crazy to let head coach Jason Garrett go. Cuban went on to say that hiring a head coach is the hardest thing to do in professional sports. On Friday morning, Jones responded during an interview on 105.3 The Fan [KRLD-FM].

“Certainly I have a lot of respect for Mark,” Jones said, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News. “I will assure you that I can and will make mental notation of all of those plusses that he’s talking about, particularly the relationship of the coach with the team and its status.

“I will go ahead and tell you Jason has this team, and he has the respect of the team. He has a good, really good charisma with the team. It would be right at the top of the list of his plusses. Just as important in my mind is that we all know where he is in his career. We all know that frankly, Jason had not coached but maybe two years before he came in to coach as coordinator for us, and he’s been on a stepped-up plan. He came in very early in his career as a coordinator, a play-caller, and obviously he came in very early in his career as a head coach in the NFL and the Cowboys. Now, that’s quite an investment that we’ve made in him, because we all know you don’t hit the ground running.

“Everybody knows you make mistakes. Having said that, they were made on our watch. They were made at our expense. Now let’s take advantage. We paid for it, let’s take advantage of what he’s gained and how he’s evolved as a coach. He’s a better coach. There’s not one thing that I’ve seen in where he could improve – and I’m talking Jason Garrett – that is terminal relative to him being an outstanding head coach.”

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  • JoeDaBeast

    Not a vote of confidence, is it?

  • SmartThinking

    That Jones sees no room for improvement from his head coach explains much. This year alone, Garrett’s on -field errors and mental mistakes cost us at least one game and contributed to a couple more losses indirectly. I’m really not down on Garrett as much as I truly believe Jones and his decision making cost this team a better won-loss season. Garrett, unfortunately, is just the on-field extension of Jones’ mismanagement. That he stays or goes is moot until the GM thing is resolved. And we all know when that’ll happen.

    • Jimmy DeMarco

      No need to worry about Jerry. I just had someone, claiming to be a Cowboy fan, tell me that Jerry is a better owner since Mark Cuban has owned the Dallas Mavericks. & I’m delusional to think that Jerry is the problem.