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Johnny Manziel: Columnist thinks he can be Texans' Joe Namath

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It’s rather obvious that Johnny Manziel, Texas A&M quarterback and former Heisman Trophy winner, is a dynamic player at the college level.

Just how well will he translate into the NFL though?

Many see Manziel going in the first round, one mock says to the Raiders, but is “Johnny Football” really worth that high of a pick?

According to at least Jerome Solomon of Houston Chronicle, he thinks Manziel is worth a first round pick for the Houston Texans. He also likens him to one Joe Namath:

Whether they buck what is certain to be general perception (more on that in a bit) and take Manziel at No. 1 or No. 2, or trade down and take him later, my Christmas wish – after the obligatory peace on earth and no ugly sweaters or ties – is for the roof at Reliant Stadium to open on Johnny Football’s debut next September.

On occasion, the right person falls in line with the right team. If that team makes the smart call, its fortune changes for the better. This is such a case.

Think Broadway Joe Namath and the New York Jets.

He goes on to say that the Texans need a change in philosophy, and Manziel can usher that in:

Should the Texans make a move for a player like Manziel, it would indicate less a change in overall philosophy than a shift in willingness to make the face of the franchise a person with flair.

It is time for the Texans to stop taking the believed-to-be safe route at the team’s most important position. Stop being boring.

The Texans need a new leader. A bold leader. One with the heart to get it done and the ability to inspire others.

And finally, Solomon waxes poetic on Johnny Football:

Manziel could move the Texans from the franchise that garners little respect to one that is talked about nationally.

He would make fans believe again. And as hard as he worked to this point, he looks like one who would do what it takes to deliver on the field.

Would Manziel be the right fit for Houston? Many see them taking a quarterback, so he fits the bill there. He’s a big Texas personality who can be a star figure in the league, and there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s a dynamic quarterback.

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Manziel has thrown for 7,438 yards and 59 touchdowns for Texas A&M in two seasons. He has thrown 22 interceptions, so growing pains should be expected in the NFL. With that said, is he franchise quarterback material?

I think for a team like Houston, taking the chance to find out would be well worth the risk.

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  • Rhettjones

    This is the same rationale I had for UT hiring Jon Gruden as its new coach. But, it won’t happen. Manziel will get killed scampering around like Tinkerbell in the NFL. And he doesn’t have the head that another short overachiever, Drew Brees has; he’s a playmaker who won’t be able to make those same kinds of plays in the NFL. The athletes in the NFL could run him down in a heartbeat. It would be too risky for the Texans to take Manziel with the first pick. That franchise needs proven people to get it on track. They should take Clowney first.