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Miami Dolphins seek better offensive line play for showdown against New York Jets

The Miami Dolphins got more attention this season for an unfortunate locker room scandal than they did for anything that happened on the field. Frankly, people were probably more aware of the situation with Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito than they are of the fact that, right now, the Dolphins stand to make the AFC playoffs as the final wild card team.

On the field the offensive line has also been the biggest problem for Miami, and as David Neal reports in this morning’s Miami Herald, the team knows that must improve this week against the New York Jets for them to have a chance.

Offensive coordinator Mike Sherman cited their inability to run as a problem for his play-calling in the team’s 19-0 loss to the Buffalo Bills, which might start to explain why quarterback Ryan Tannehill never had a chance to get anything going on offense. Quoted in Neal’s article, Sherman said:

A lack of productivity in the run game caused me to veer off into another direction…”

Head coach Joe Philbin had the following to say about this weekend’s divisional match-up with the Jets:

We have to go into this week and fix what was broke [Sunday] and come out snorting and ready to go against the Jets.”

Snorting and ready to go…

If you buy into the narrative that teams will play to save their coach’s job, then the Jets are a risky opponent because of Rex Ryan’s shaky status. If you buy into statistics, then Football Outsiders has the Jets ranked as the best rushing defense in the entire league (-23.2% DVOA, where negative is a good thing). Regardless of why, it will be tough for Miami and their leaky offensive line to move the ball Sunday.

Even if they are snorting and ready to go.

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