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Terrell Owens thinks Kyle Orton gives Cowboys better chance to win than Tony Romo

The Dallas Cowboys are heading into an end of season show down against the Philadelphia Eagles. The winner gets the NFC East crown and a trip to the playoffs. The Cowboys come limping into this match with an injury-ravaged defense and starting quarterback Tony Romo out after season-ending back surgery.

Former Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens went on NFL Total Access on the NFL Network and said he thinks back up Kyle Orton might give the Cowboys a better chance to win than Romo.

“My thing with Romo is he’s been inconsistent late in ball games,” Owens began, via the Dallas Morning News. “I think going into a situation like this, you don’t have him, No. 1. But you give yourself, I feel like, a better chance. The thing is, with Tony Romo, you kind of already know what to expect. Late in the game, it’s a toss up. You just read off the mind blowing stats. If you look at what Kyle Orton has done, he’s done more with less. I think if you look at this in this situation, I think beyond certainty, obviously with them not playing against Kyle Orton, meaning the Eagles, he has an edge. I think, obviously, he’s going to have to utilize all his weapons. I think he’s going to have to do some quick passing, get (DeMarco) Murray involved. But again, you have a game changer and a playmaker in Dez Bryant.”

Asked if he honestly believed that an Orton-led Cowboys team has a better chance to beat the Eagles, Owens stood his ground.

“I do. If you look at the situation, if it shakes out and it’s a shootout, late in the game everybody is expecting Tony Romo to throw some interceptions,” Owens said. “Again, not to take away anything from what he’s done this year. He’s played spectacular. But going into situations like this, everybody expects the obvious, and that’s for him to make a mistake, a huge mistake.”

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